Stakelbeck on Terror: The Muslim Brotherhood, Part 1

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

In this CBN video, Erick Stakelbeck is joined by an expert panel in discussing a jihadist organization that many consider the greatest long-term threat to America’s national security: The Muslim Brotherhood.

Watch as former FBI special agent John Guandolo, ex-CIA officer Brian Fairchild and leading investigative journalist Patrick Poole break down the Brotherhood’s history, its goals and its infiltration of leading U.S. government and educational institutions.

Here is a breakdown of the segments:

Segment 1: The Brotherhood’s History (top of the show)

Segment 2: The Brotherhood’s American Network (5:52 into the show)

Segment 3: The Brotherhood on Campus and Beyond (11:22 into the show)

Segment 4: The Brotherhood: An Insurgency with Nazi Ties (17:22 into the show)

Segment 5: The Brotherhood’s Leading American Front Group: CAIR (22:20 into the show)

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Time is of the essence. We are calling on legislators to make their positions known now. We feel that immediate action is necessary to preserve democracy and guarantee constitutional freedom for all Americans.

Stop Shariah Law in the United States of America!


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