US Declined to Cooperate with Investigation of Mossad’s Dubai Assassination

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US Declined to Cooperate with Investigation of Mossad’s Dubai Assassination

December 28, 2010 in Featured

Newly appointed director of Israel’s Mossad spy agency Tamir Pardo stands outside his home in Nirit, Israel, Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu named Pardo the new director of Mossad on Monday. (AP Photo/Eli Dassa)

U.S. declined to cooperate in Dubai probe of Mabhouh killing, WikiLeaks shows (Ha’aretz):

The United States declined a request from the United Arab Emirates to assist an investigation into the assassination of a top Hamas commander.

Dubai suspects Israel’s Mossad agency to have been behind the murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhoh in a Dubai hotel in January 2010. Israel has neither confirmed nor denied a role in the killing.

The U.S. last year denied reports that it had received a request for assistance from Dubai, but a recently released WikiLeaks cable proves otherwise.

A cable sent from the embassy in Dubai less than a month after the assassination reveals that senior U.A.E. officials asked the American ambassador and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to probe urgently “cardholder details and related information for credit cards reportedly issued by a U.S. bank to several suspects” in the murder.

The WikiLeaks cable not only proved that the request was indeed made but that it was recorded in a secret State Department cable. By not accepting the request, the Obama administration harmed the Dubai investigation efforts and assisted Israel instead.

Mossad head to apologize for forging British passports (JTA):

The new head of Israel’s Mossad is set to apologize for using forged British passports during an assassination operation in Dubai, a British newspaper is reporting.

The Daily Telegraph reported over the weekend that Tamir Pardo, director of Israel’s secret service for the last month, will apologize for using the fake passports during the assassination operation against Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a Dubai hotel room in January. He will also promise never to allow Israeli agents to use false British documents again, the newspaper reported.

Some 33 people are accused by Dubai police of being part of the assassination of al-Mabhouh. The Israeli Mossad intelligence agency has been blamed for the slaying, in which Mabhouh apparently was suffocated after being drugged. Israel has neither confirmed nor denied its involvement in Mabhouh’s assassination.

In March, an investigation by Britain’s Serious and Organized Crime Squad found that the Mossad provided members of an assassination team with 12 forged British passports.

The assassins used forged passports from Britain, Ireland, Australia, France and Germany to enter and leave Dubai.

A source told the newspaper that Pardo, 57, deputy director of the Mossad for the past three years, was involved in planning the operation and that he had argued against using British, Irish and Australian passports for the team.


1. (C/NF) On the margins of a meeting with visiting
Secretary Chu, on Feb 24 MFA Minister of State Gargash made a
formal request to the Ambassador for assistance in providing
cardholder details and related information for credit cards
reportedly issued by a U.S. bank to several suspects in last
month's killing of Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in Dubai.
According to a letter Gargash gave the Ambassador (which
transmitted details of the request from Dubai Security authorities
to the UAE Central Bank), the credit cards were issued by
MetaBank, in Iowa. Embassy LEGATT is transmitting the request and
associated details to FBI HQ. Gargash asked that Embassy pass any
reply to the director of the General Directorate of State Security
(GDSS) in Dubai.

2. (S/NF) Comment: Ambassador requests expeditious handling
of and reply to the UAEG request, which was also raised by UAE
Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed in a February 23 meeting with
Secretary Clinton in Washington.

3. (C/NF) Text of letter from GDSS to the Governor of the UAE
Central Bank:

Excellency Sultan Al-Suwiadi

UAE Central Bank Governor

Subject: Credit Cards

MC 5115-2600-1600-6190

MC 5115-2600-1600-5317

MC 5301-3800-3201-7106

General Management of The State Security offers greetings, and asks
your Excellency to direct the money laundry and suspicious
transactions unit at the Central Bank to urgently obtain details of
the above credit cards, in addition to details for purchases,
accounts, and payments on those cards, as the users of those cards
were involved in the murder of Mahmoud Mabhouh. Those cards were
issued by META BANK in the state of Iowa, USA.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.


(Letter is accompanied by a chart with identifying data for alleged
credit card users - scanned and emailed to NEA/ARP.)


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  1. DragonsBane says:

    All nations who can, forge passports and identification documentation for their intelligence agents. It is a common and unmentioned practice. The anger over Israel (perhaps) doing it in the Mahmoud Mabhouh assassination: is all political bluster. Other nations will not themselves desist from forging when it is in their own national interest to do so. Is Russia, for instance, going to stop giving out false ID to its many agents? And who, if anyone in the EU or the UN will ask Russia to desist? It won’t happen. Silence gives consent. When all do the same crime all quietly forgive each other. The saying from Benjamin Franklin is: “Clean your finger before you point at my spots.”

    Without false ID international spying would hardly be possible, and as spying has the aim of self preservation without having to go to war, it has priority over the public contracts of state to state arrangements with passports. Each state may complain, but in each state’s own priority need for self survival: they will not cease from falsifying ID. There is in false ID a mutual international understanding, that is now being hypocritically ignored simply in order to make life difficult for Israel.

    The card information on bank customers is confidential and protect by law. For META Bank, a private commercial institution, to divulge such information, the bank would first require a court order, or a legal notice under existing Legislation. Otherwise its own customers could rightfully sue the Bank for breach of contract. Without a legal request, the bank can sue the body that illegally harasses it.

    Dubai receives billions in cash airlifted from Kandahar. Dubai accounts are bulging at the seams from monies from suspect persons. Is Dubai going to divulge the identities and transactions of those bank accounts, even if the money is suspected of funding international terrorism and breaching international laws?

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