Google’s YouTube Favors Hamas Over Israel (Update: Please flag)

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Google’s YouTube Favors Hamas Over Israel (Update: Please flag)




Participants at the Knesset’s Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Committee hearing on Monday accused YouTube editors of being unfair toward Israel. 

Israel Defense Forces spokeswoman Avital Leibovich told those gathered that footage taken from drones hovering above Gaza during the 2009 war between Israel and Hamas had been removed from the video website without justification.

“They were taken from drones, so you can’t say they were offensive,” she said.

“They were only returned after phone calls and lobbying.”

Caroline Glick, senior contributing editor for The Jerusalem Post and founder of Latma, a satirical website that often lampoons left-wing and Arab politicians, also lashed out at YouTube, saying the video site was hostile toward the Jewish state.

YouTube is unequivocally biased against Israel,” she was quoted as saying in a press release. “It takes them months to take down jihadist and Islamist videos. The message needs to be clear that the Jewish people and the State of Israel are right.”

Google’s YouTube ignores antisemitic, terrorist propaganda videos but are quick to remove anything deemed offensive by Muslims/Islamists. Remember when Glick’s spoof on “Freedom Flotilla”? It was removed and eventually was allowed back on. Also, MEMRITV’s, who exposes Pali TV antisemitism and incitement against Israel, account was suspended last year. YouTube finally reinstated them.

Google’s YouTube and their censors sucketh Islamist/jihadis testes, prove me wrong Google!

Andrea chimes in today: Google/YouTube Sellin The Simpletons a Bridge

UPDATE: Please flag these 5 videos: Violent or Repulsive Content >> Supports Terrorism

[Andrea]I would like to point out a couple of things of importance in the video’s below. Four of the five have allahu akbar in the title. Two have been around since 2008 just gathering views and influencing folks not so loving of the free world. Between the five videos – there have been over 410,000 views.


Bagdad Sniper – Islamic Army
Allahu Akbar – Afghan Nasheed
Jihad Nasheed – Allahu Akbar ALLAHU AKBAR


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