Intel news

Posted: October 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps & Co.

IRGC online form to report enemies of the state
[Would be a shame if someone started reporting Basijis]

India releases Delhi bombing suspect Kazmi pending trial
[There is criminal justice, and then there’s Indian criminal justice]

Hizbullah narco-terrorism
[Drug revenues now match or exceed aid from Iran]

Manssor Arbabsiar pleads guilty in IRGC plot
[Two $50,000 fund transfers say this plot was real enough]

Tampa Man Sentenced for Exporting Millions of Dollars of Computer Equipment to Iran

US Treasury Further Exposes Iran-Based Al-Qa’ida Network

The IRGC’s Yemen project
[Offshore weapons manufacturing for IRGC clients such as Hamas]

Turkish prosecutors indict Iranian agents
[There are prisons, and then there are Turkish prisons]

Hizballah CFO (and CIO?) escapes to Israel
[And he brought the files and the cash with him]

IRGC plans oil spill to force lifting of sanctions
[Because that’s sure to work as expected]

Hizballah’s growing Syria body count
[FSA says Nasrallah can have the bodies back when Hell freezes]

IRI blocks audio and video file formats
[But at least we still have .XLS(X) and .PDF]

Hizballah-linked arms dealer sentenced to 12 years prison
[Story includes a 2006 trip from Mexico to Lebanon to view the goods], site of the MOIS
[Pretty lame site]

13 Hizballah fighters captured in Syria
[See note above about dead bodies and Hell freezing]

Turkey forces down, inspects Syrian plane
[Psst: 17 of the Russians on board were FSB]

Global Jihad

Millatu Ibrahim activist sentenced to six years
[Nice guy – stabbed two police officers]

Jordan foils major al-Qaida plot
[Strong Internet component]

Malika el-Aroud’s second ex reported dead in possible drone strike
[Together they ran the Minbar family of jihadi forums]

NYC Fed bomber Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis
[This “lone wolf” ran with the Millatu Ibrahim crowd] outside of Europe
[Are they real, or just posing?] and related accounts on new social media
[Balkan online jihad just keeps on rolling along]

IDF 2 – Global Jihad 0
[Protip: Don’t both ride on the same motorcycle – Yes, IDF gunners are that good]

Seven al-Shabaab recruiters arrested in Belgium

Punishment and Crime

US Treasury targets Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)

Spanners and Works

Who is tweeting from the NSA’s parking lot?
[Pretty much everyone as soon as they get out to their car after work]


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