Hamas and Holocaust denial

Posted: November 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

1. On October 23 Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV, broadcast from the Gaza Strip, aired its
by-weekly program “Here is Palestine.” The program was devoted to Hamas’
claim, which we havenot verified, that UNRWA was allegedly
planning to include Holocaust studies in the curriculum of its schools. The
program’s host, Hani al-Mghari, made crude and offensive remarks about the
Holocaust in general and the issue of Holocaust studies in Palestinian schools
in particular. His remarks showed that the root of Hamas objections to Holocaust
studies in Palestinian schools was Holocaust denial



Spotlight on Iran (Week of October 23-30, 2012 )

Highlights of the week
  • Media discourse continues on possibility of negotiations with the United States
  • Strategic Studies Center report: what did the government do with its immense oil revenues?
  • Alternative to visiting Evin prison: fourteen places the president needs to visit
  • Legal fight escalates against anti-regime activity on Facebook


Do “suicide bombers” really commit suicide?

Israel Oron (Ostre), Ph.D. (Psychology)[1]


This article applies a psychological approach to explore and to explain the behavior of Palestinian terrorists who blow themselves up in the light of their own words. It is shown that terrorists have no suicidal intent; hence their behavior is not an act of suicide. Psychological analysis point to a behavioral reaction to stress situations that are perceived as threatening to survival, which could account for the lethal activity of the Palestinian terrorists. These findings suggest that such terrorists could be deterred if an appropriate  alternative for their lives was available to them.



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