Video: The rebels show lucky T. Made in Iran northern Syria near the Iraqi borde

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Video: The rebels show lucky T. Made in Iran northern Syria near the Iraqi border. Bulletins.

* – Video: The rebels show fragments of drone northern Syria near the Iraqi border. rebels claim to topple the Syrian drone Almohsn area near the border with Iraq.The rebels also claim that the Iranian-made drone operated by the Syrian army. Http:// of the area:

* – Lebanese MP televised interview revealing sensational information that even the interviewer did not believe his ears. things without regard to reliability and without regard to the man himself (I personally look from his body language – fishy. would even dare to call it: Tz’htz’h) man means that in case the Syrian army has about 500 thousand soldiers lost the battle and annihilated So the Iranians have a direct military intervention in Syria and to that end they recruited a reserve army of about 500 thousand soldiers imported to Syria to keep the Assad regime collapse. interviewer asks him again Again – you are sure to have half a million soldiers prepared to intervene in Syria Iranian and Lebanese politician than to again and again.


מידע נוסף: #. UTynaRnjJYw.twitter

No need to believe – but it is important to internalize – Some Lebanese are confident that Iran is committed to Syria.

* – Rebels reported about another border crossing with Jordan conquered by them. comes to post No. 20 in Abu Alshab.

* – A report from an unclear source: About 1000 high of Hezbollah fighters operate in Syria. حزب الله دفع بما يقارب من 1000 مسلح من عناصر النخبة لديه الى الداخل السوري

* – Locations recognizes rebel army divisions 155 and 156 firing Scud missiles at civilian targets throughout Syria. 2 divisions are Mount moat moat mountain top and bottom area Alktifh .. (maps locations – right!).


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