Iran Cyber Offense Posters

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Iran Cyber Offense Posters

Oghab on IRAN Cyber Offense
The following posters belong to IRGC, the Iranian offensive military wing. None are officially confidential but only certain people gets their hand to such information and only a very limited part of them get to actually go to these “meetings”. Both are related to development of asymmetric aeronautical weaponry specially using UAS-based approaches and development of “unconventional” SIGINT and ELINT infrastructure to direct attacks specifically on long-term targets. They differ from the usual military and intelligence systems that try to cover everything and usually turn up useless in asymmetric wars thus it is not a conventional Air Force subject and being considered mainly as CO/IRAF, an attack blade made of Cyber and Aerial Vectors. I don’t want to share my reasons for this semi-leak but I do have a clear message for people who are behind such efforts, specially one particular elite team who “run and execute” Iran’s CO (Cyber Offense) and their mastermind. Here is the message: You are not anonymous either, wanna keep going?

Poster 1


“Drones in Asymmetric warfare” Host: NAHAB research center, Imam Hussain University ( IRGC ) Subjects: ELINT, Stealth technologies in UAS, Fast-acting Drones, UAS without GPS, Warfare capabilities in UAS, Enemy UAS detection, interception, landing, disruption. Meeting Format: Seminar plus talks Sponsors: IRGC, Aerial Industries, ROSHD, Air Force email: ech[at] phones: 738 293 49 (land line), 0919 0084 069 (Cell), if you want to make calls add Iran and Tehran’s phone extension accordingly

Note 1. Imam Hussain University is a Military university located in IRGC-owned area north-east Tehran and it also is a Military Base

Poster 2[Image]


“The Need to Develop {modern} Aerial weaponry for future Wars” Host: Technical Faculty, Imam Sadeq Base, Imam Hussain University (IRGC) Subjects: Modern Aerial Weapons, infrastructures required to build, Studies of offensive and defensive Doctrines, Planes with Payloads, Fast reacting Tactics Meeting Format: Military Conference Sponsors: IRGC, Air Force, AeroSpace Organization, Community of Research and Development of Air defense, the institute of Advanced defense tactics, Defense industries Organization, the Self-sufficiency Organization of IRGC Navy, Army email: acw91[at] phone: 771 049 27 ( land line )

Note 2. Among said participants, only the “Defense industries Organization” is listed by many international players as a banned and restricted target for business or communication


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