Tour or” from southern Lebanon was attacked by thugs. Lebanese army intervened.

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Tour or” from southern Lebanon was attacked by thugs. Lebanese army intervened. Newsflash

* – Times: British commandos brought samples from suspected Syrian missile landed in chemistry.British newspaper – Times – published sheets from Friday reported that British counterespionage – MI6-sent a special task force to rocket fell Syrian suspected of chemistry. force arrived in the area خان العسل = Khan Assal and took soil samples from the fall of the missile which killed 21 people and the wounding of 10 others. examination designed to test whether the missile was carrying a chemical warhead did and what kind of gas was first imposed. suspicion is that the head was equipped with a gas chemical sarin nerve gas or another. samples were ground to – “مجمع بورتون داون” للبحث العلمي العسكري التابع لوزارة الدفاع بمقاطعة “ويلتشر” البعيدة في الجنوب الغربي لإنكلترا 147 كيلومترا عن لندن. = Porton Down research group specializing in researching chemical weapons belonging to the Defense Ministry Hbritiohsocn B”oiltsr “about -147 km from London. newspaper stresses that if the British will find that chemical weapons were used by the Assad government that will cause great pressure on other countries to take action against the Assad regime. Assad regime has about 50 sites that are stored in his chemical weapons. Syrian opposition accused Assad’s government of this chemical rocket fire while the Assad regime pinned the blame for the rebels as those who committed the crime.

Notes edge news: – The Times of London than, in fact, the first publication on Rotter that the Assad regime fired a Scud missile equipped with chemical warheads at a target in northern Syria – Khan Assal. – Test Results soil samples from a normal kiss become political issue. approval marks inventions any nerve gas Obama to force the words whereby if Assad would use chemical weapons – the United States intervene. clear that the U.S. will ask in advance from the UK to inform her that the test results and publish them only one advice to them. Which means again and again chemical weapons is for some people – death sentence and others is a powerful weapon to blackmail the best for their interests. knowing Citizen Bibi!! – British Channel 4 claims that the poison gas type CL17 = Chlorine 17 possible and taken to the factory for the production of chlorine, Syria was conquered by the rebels . channel British also indicates that the missile carried a bomb was locally produced chemical that is shot in a suburb of the city of Aleppo. , or in other words the channel implies that the work of the rebels. , but everyone will have to wait until the official report Brides.

* – Map of checkpoints and sniper positions the center of Damascus – Updated today: red dots = sniper blue dots = barriers.

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