Are you a victim of terrorism a Canadian citizen?

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Organization “justice” manager legal battle against terrorist organizations expanded its operations to Canada and Canadians turn to terror victims Attorney Darshan-Leitner “Letter of the law – Israel Law Center” is a Jewish human rights organization operates lawsuit against terrorist entities and entities financing terrorism, and anti-Semitism. The organization was founded in December 2002 by attorney Darshan – Leitner, who is still its director and its offices are located in offices, currently in Ramat Gan. Organization faces (07.21.13) directly to Canadian citizens to represent them terror victims in lawsuits against terrorist organizations. The text of the statement issued by the organization on the official website: “After years of unremitting struggle in Israel, the U.S. and other countries, justice is expanding its operations to Canada”. “The goal is to operate most effectively to advance the goals of the organization on a daily basis the Canadian arena as well: to fight for human rights. Bring justice to victims of terrorism., And eliminate the terrorist infrastructure, anti-Semitism and activities de – legitimize the State of Israel.” “Please read, share and help us get the message out so that everyone can take part in this struggle. Canadian terror victims – are welcome to contact us. ” Website address of “justice” –


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