Cleared for publication

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Cleared for publication

2013-10-13, 07:31
Video: What the soldiers were in the tunnel of terror
Last week the IDF revealed terror tunnel in southern Gaza dug into Kibbutz Ein three. Forces Southern Command officials estimate that the length of the tunnel is at least a mile, and parts of it were excavated at a depth of about 15 meters below ground. According to IDF sources, the tunnel was meant as a starting point L”figoa quality “where a number of large casualties, or for kidnapping Israelis. Defense Minister Ya’alon: “Exposing the tunnel proves that Hamas continues to prepare itself for a confrontation with Israel.” Watch video + photos
Tunnel uncovered deep within Israeli territory terrorist terrorist tunnel length of about two miles and a half , dug between the Gaza Strip at the area , revealed last Thursday IDF forces located in the tunnel of explosives is not known when terrorists were planning to use it, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed ( Sun, 13:10:13 ) weekly cabinet meeting exposure Tunnel near Kibbutz Ein terrorism and said that three weeks have seen an increase in terrorist activity .
” This year is the quietest in a decade . However , we see an increase in terrorist activity in recent weeks ,” he said . “I want to commend the IDF on Gaza terror tunnel exposure . It is our policy that combines assault, prevention , intelligence operations , actions initiated and response operations . ”
Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon , visited the entrance tunnel again Kibbutz Ein three. ” This is proof that Hamas continues to prepare himself for a confrontation with Israel , the – no truce imposed upon him , and which exists thanks to the IDF ‘s deterrence ,” he said .
He said that all concerned to keep the toes because of the working assumption is that at any time the defense trying terrorists in Gaza to dig tunnels that allow terrorist attacks .
Been released this morning revealed that the IDF last Thursday , near Kibbutz Ein three, tunnel of terror designed to be a terrorist attack in Israel. Upon – is estimated that the tunnel is not a bomb but a tunnel designed to be used kidnapping for bargaining .
Tunnel is a mile long and half that its starting point is to agile Ebbesen village , located between Khan Yunis and the fence surrounding the Gaza Strip. Tunnel found explosives and IDF engineering forces conducted searches on the entire length of the – to locate any explosives hidden in it.
The long tunnel of hell were a number of openings when the last of which is deep inside Israeli territory .
No security system , Currently, information concerning the date on which the attack was planned to take place through the tunnel , but it is estimated that the tunnel is designed to be used by Hamas or other Palestinian terrorist organizations for strategic purposes – the attack will take place during the round of escalation between Israel and a future .
Following the discovery of the tunnel Parent Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Major General Eitan Dangut , until a decision to stop the transfer of new building materials in the Gaza Strip .
— Also fromYnet,::,7…439944,00.html

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