North Korea resumes operations where conducted nuclear tests in 2009 and 2013

Posted: October 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
2013-10-24, 11:42
38NORTH website that tracks North Korea , post -date satellite images which identified two openings of new tunnels and excavations on the site in the past carried out a nuclear test . Excavations in the western region of the complex , which in 2009 and 2013 conducted nuclear tests , and excavations in the southern region of the complex may indicate a desire to make North Korean nuclear tests in the future. Another explanation for the phenomenon describes a condition in which North Korea is building another entrance to the tunnel is – especially for ventilation purposes .
As of this time , you can not say for sure what the purpose of the Koreans , monitoring will continue until the excavations are completed , whether the new tunnels or not ? – Can be know only a period of time standing on one to two years .
As of this moment , there are no signs of a desire to experiment Korean nuclei immediate future . However, the current operations described above , as well as upgrades in the support area of the website indicate the North Korean desire to experiment in the future as part of the nuclear weapons development program .
Site 38NORTH own the rights to the satellite images so can not embed the images here, you are welcome to enter and view the source . English speakers – the site has further details on the satellite photographs . Photo A – Changes in the western region of the complex.
Photo B – Open a new tunnel in the western area of the complex .
Image C – comparison to the complex in 2009.
Photo D – Excavation area grew gradually.
Image E – Cch”n new tunnel .
Photo Friday – The southern area of the complex before and after the floods that occurred there in July 2013.
Photo G – new excavation area in the southern part of the complex .
Photo H – upgrades support area of the compound (July 2013) .
Photo IX – upgrades to the support of the compound (September 2013) .

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