New video of “Jaish al – Adel” (Military Justice): “Actions Haidar”

Posted: December 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

“Jaish al – Adel” (Military Justice) in Iran, a group Bellucci – Sunni fighting the Iranian regime, has released in recent days a number of new videos which documented attack on Iranian military base in Baluchistan province Kohg’. The attack on the base located near the border between Pakistan and Iran, took place on Monday, December 2 this year. .

~~Videos released (one meme attached) shows the number of vehicles used by the Group and the Citadel (base) attacked from different directions shoulder-fired missiles and small arms. The videos have been prepared as background sound jihad – Nshid (songs praising jihad). Image released the group’s Facebook page, entitled “of Jaish al Mujahidin – Adel Haidar prior actions” shows about twenty armed men. Another photo shows the back of seemingly Religious Party Group, “Salah al – din to arthropods.”

~~After the attack on Iranian military command network Al – Arabiya conducted a live interview with the official spokesman of the “Military justice,” Abdel – Raouf disruptive j. He says that “three battalions” participated in the attack and that the base was used by the forces of the Revolutionary Guards of Iran. By Al – disruptive ‘s thirty Iranian soldiers were killed.….html?spref=fb

~~In the past there was an announcement from the movement of “Ansar – Iran” (supporters of Iran), another Baluch movement affiliated with the global jihad, which states that  the two groups will collaborate  against the Iranian regime.


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