Dozens of arrests across Iran

Posted: December 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dozens of arrests across Iran , Western spy network related to Cyber ​​- revealed this month.
Report leaked in recent days a number of the big event dimensions which are silenced in Iran and came to the media so far:
  Head of the task force in Iran’s cyber warfare – accused of spying .
Question task force was composed of elements from the Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC ) , the Ministry of Defence ( MoD ) and the Iranian Intelligence ( VEVAK ) .
Head of Mission in question has been suspended after the Iranian Preventive intelligence was on his heels , soon after suspended – accused of spying for Canada and the UK. The event , which was considered extremely donkey , came to the office at the main investigations Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei .
  The code name of the head of the task force in Iran’s cyber warfare was ” 8 ” .
” 8 ” was arrested by the counterintelligence department of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and National Security ( VEVAK ) .
  ” 8 ” was charged with three counts Spyware :
A. Espionage and cooperation with foreign governments .
In . Running a private network of activists involved in the trade of classified information .
C . Trade classified information ( among other things – information on nuclear program ) with criminal elements .
  He was tried behind closed doors in the court of the Iranian security establishment , sentence unknown name and story and not made ​​public .
  According to reports, the ” 8 ” had contacts with senior Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad .
The major ones : Ramadan Shallah and Ali Atwa , have ” 8 ” gave intelligence and operational support , both are on These citizens wanted the world “by the FBI , an organization the FBI has a prize of $ 5 million for information leading to Ramadan Shallah or Ali Atwa .…hammad-shallah
  Site iranhumanrights reported on December 18 about the arrest of two civilians on charges of spying for the MI6 ( guilt, where ” 8 ” is also accused among other things ) .
Detainees , which is renamed Muhammad Amin Akram and Mehdi Raishari Tangstni , allegedly met with members of the British Agency eleven times during the meetings they received their instructions from operators .
  Parallel to the arrest of the above , reported that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards arrested 23 Professionals – all were arrested on charges of spying for a foreign intelligence agency , which allegedly trained detainees in Malaysia and Turkey before returning to Iran.
  Site Narenji , which deals with technology , reported on 3 December that the seven men were arrested by the intelligence department of the Revolutionary Guards in the province of Kerman , were arrested the following day in the same county 17 other civilians on charges of spying .
  The following video broadcast on Iranian TV where you can see the detainees.


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