Terrorism in the Caucasus threatens in cyber attacks.

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Terrorism in the Caucasus threatens in cyber attacks.

2014-02-05, 06:59
~In a message posted yesterday (Tuesday, 4 February) by the media arm of Dagestan “and” vilaiith, a group affiliated with the terrorist organization “Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus”, said that a group of hackers known as “anonymous” new Caucasus online official announced their intention to shut down sites that deal with the Olympics in Sochi and surveys the related events.   Facebook page of “anonymous” in the Caucasus, where over 2,000 “shakes”, write the page that they are “the army of the [Islamic] statements of cookazit.   On 31 December, send anonymous “Caucasus” video (in English, Russian and Arabic) stating that Russia will pay a price for the Sochi games, taking place while Russia harms Muslims. ל”אנונימוס Caucasus” Twitter account is updated with over 2,600. In a famous letter “tweets” about victims and sites to attack. The group will also report on YouTube website “, which were uploaded videos.
The message released today released a Twitter account and Facebook page and vilaiith of Dagestan “. The announcement stated that so far have been attacked and disabled five sites: Www.sochi2014 – sberbank.ru (disabled) Www.sochi2014.ru (available) Www.olympic.ru (disabled) Http://sochi-2014.biz/(disabled) Http://naša. olimpiada. rf/(not available)   A quick check shows that four out of five sites remain deactivated and returned to the task. The announcement stated that the attacks came in response to one hundred and fifty years of Russian occupation of the Caucasus, accompanied by violations of the rights of Muslims in the Caucasus and other regions across Russia. Other sites that are related to the Olympics also attacked.
~By Ariel Published: Posted in: Internet in the Middle East

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