The Syrian electronic army continues to abuse the customers!

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Syrian electronic  army continues  to abuse the customers!

2014-02-06, 07:02
~~After beginning the week it became known that by the Syrian army “into the management system of MarkMonitor, which allowed them access to over half an hour to some of the domain address of eBay and PayPal, Facebook company was attacked in the same method and the same gap. A message that was delivered in the early hours of February 6th by these activists;…2/Facebook.jpg
~~In a reference to the dominion screenshot of Facebook and change the address to Syria,…FoCMAAlMmX.png
~~As in the past, they have published a screenshot of the management system of the company Facebook details with mark Monitor…m2CYAAAV9Q.jpg
~~And the message of MarkMonitor that she took up its management after the entry.…nouncement.jpg
~~At the same time, and in response to another user’s Tweet, posted an announcement that were able to change the DNS information, probably of Facebook;…NameServer.jpg
~~Five hours later, with screenshot Forum DNS information. Perhaps in this context;…/photo/1/large
~~About two hours after the first message, posted a number of messages and the registry of companies Google, Yahoo, Amazon with MarkMonitor.…38394463543296…41057741709312…39365784657920

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