“The Syrian army” – this time against Forbes

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Uncategorized
In the late morning of February 14th “activists informed the Syrian army” because they were able to hack into the site from Forbes magazine.
As in the past, they published a screenshot that proves the fact alleged. Another suggests that the site was built using WordPress platform
Another posted an announcement from teasing about how easily they were able to hack the administrator of Forbes
An article on the subject included a screenshot of a page which has been vandalized by activists apparently;
It also seems to break up into several Twitter accounts associated with this journal – @ForbesTech, @samsharf, @TheAlexKnapp.
Recently it seems that applying a step up in activity Monday, Syrian army “, within this report hacking eBay and PayPal sites, CNN’s Twitter account, as well as that of the Xbox. This is not the first time that this project – “the Syrian army” – e-mail reports breaking into Western Economic Journal in may 2013, these activists broke into dozens of Twitter accounts of Financial Times and place their messages.
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