The profile: the a-Sha’er family responsible for the smuggling into Gaza

Posted: February 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

The profile: the a-Sha’er family responsible for the smuggling into Gaza

It is a family of smugglers that controls the smuggling between the Gaza Strip and Egypt and the Hamas terrorist activity in the Gaza Strip.


The family is based on the Egyptian and the Palestinian side from the Rafah area in the Gaza Egypt border.


-Who headed the head of the smuggling of Sha’ar family is Muhammad a-Sha’er 40s, known as “the tunnel King”. He was arrested by Egyptian security forces in September 2009 (the information revealed and published by Ehud yaari on channel 2 after I deliver him via a journalist who worked with him at the time called Ronen Solomon), was requested by senior Egyptian security forces and Israel, when he returned from Saudi Arabia with a false passport for his brother to make the pilgrimage to Mecca.


Muhammad Al-Sha’er (full name: Mohammad Ramadan Al-Shaar-ramadan alshaer محمد has) also known as the (“الفأر”) and Abu Hisham (أبو husham). He and his family are notoriously dangerous, responsible for smuggling missiles and weapons and money to Hamas and terrorist organizations through a network of tunnels in Rafah.


-Muhammad al-Shaar was released from prison on 5 April 2011 to the Egyptian decision of the Supreme Military Council after the revolution against Mubarak’s regime, he was greeted by his family and friends in celebration although none has not been documented.


Al-Sha’er as his title “King of the tunnels” have almost all made under the soil of Rafah and the tunnel operating networks there.


Have reasonable suspicion that Muhammad was a “targeted killing” is actually the nickname Abu Hisham Muhammad “the central forum of the was very active in reporting on events in Rafah reported the IDF activity. his most recent post was in January 2013



In addition I have a mobile phone number to contact for family-Shaar:
יוני אלפר–טרור ווטש  YONI ALPER

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