2 Videos sniper hunt before the speech and Timoshenko’s Chief of staff

Posted: February 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

Russia’s Army ordered a sniper alert put Tymoshenko in the crosshairs before her speech on Sunday at the independence square in Kyiv

The Russian prveda komosomolskaya video experience the failure.
Russia’s army entered yesterday into the grave of Army message alert with Russia and Deputy Minister of Defense.
Antonov “flying instruction trace” of Putin the army to go into standby during
“Exercise to test military readiness.
In Kiev itself disappeared 30 snipers who unit (“temples”) are suspected of shooting
The protesters are due to open a criminal investigation by the Attorney General, the Minister of public security
Announced that a new unit and will be overwritten.
In short, anyone who wants to travel and/or to associate with this time in Kiev Ukraine
Must look at the rooftops.

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