Israeli intelligence network in Syria – Israeli agents and collaborators on the other side.

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

As the fighting intensified on the southern front of Syria now appears that Israel is paying large sums of money to the rebels in exchange for information on Islamist fighters near the border. According to reports, at least three rebel factions operating in Kuneitra were in regular contact with Israeli intelligence sources, each of the amounts received hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to Census on behalf of the rebels. “When we ran out of cash, we turned to Israel,” he admitted.

While many remain Palgi opposition to anti – Israel, some are taking a pragmatic stance on the subject and are willing to cooperate with the Israeli enemy in history. This happens when Israel is aware of the fact that the coming months may border crossing with Israel will be manned fighters from the ranks of opposition to radical Islamists Jabhat Nasr (arm of al Qaeda in Syria) and Ahrar al – if (Salafist Islamist organization).

Israel, of course, set up a field hospital near the border with Syria. Where, according to reports, has raised many agents who act for which areas of Syria. Fighters recruits receive a grant of oil. However, it should be noted that Israeli support does not matter at all on the situation Kuneitra. In that the make transfers to the rebels negligible compared Arabia and Qatar support. “We have no problem with any body that helps us bring down the regime, we do not want to project any Islamic radical towards Israel,” said one of the officers on behalf of the rebels.

One of the fighters who were treated in Israel, agreed to cooperate with the Israeli intelligence division and expose the Israeli intelligence everything he knew about the extremist rebels operating in Kuneitra. After the young man returned to Syria, he reported to his commander about the conversation with the Israeli intelligence. Commander of the rebels decided to contact Israel and to cooperate with them. Commander requested amount of $ 100,000 from Israel, Military Intelligence had informed him that he could receive payment only after that goes to Israel valuable information about the insurgency in Syria. According moderate rebels who are cooperating with intelligence – Israel seeks primarily information on extremist Islamist groups than factions moderate. The bodies to which Israel is demanding information include the organization Jabhat Nasr al Ahrar and organization – if.

Jabhat Nasr –

Ahrar a – if –


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