Missing MH370

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

A summary of existing information and end my two hairs;

1. flight MH 370 was supposed to be approximately 2,400 nautical miles between Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and continue approximately 6 hours (http://aviationtroubleshooti…ng.blogspot.co.il/).

2. less than one hour after take-off towards the Northeast, breaking the West, apparently toward the Southwest. When the break was a normal ascent altitude of 35,000 feet to 45 thousand feet, height 23 thousand feet and height of 35,000 ft (http://aviationtroubleshooting.blogspot.co.il/, http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/slideshow/ALeqM5hBNspUjSwULgvHXgqrrfEX7Kcyfg?docId=fc3c5ea4-0ec1-47b6-9fcc-4b0f4ac075b1&hl=en&index=1), it is possible that the ascent was to lead to the deaths of the passengers and crew.

3. Browse Wikipedia reveals that the model 777-200ER plane has a maximum flight range of 14,300 miles (ER-Extended Range).

4. some of the arguments — that the plane could continue to fly 3,000 miles (http://www.independent.co.uk/incoming/article9194712.ece/ALTERNATES/w620/16March_MalaysiaPlaneweb.jpg).

5. evidence evidence from the Maldives is described as white with a red stripe to match the colors of the company aircraft, flying very low at 6: 15 am local time. Residents attested to the fact that the sound was exceptional as well as the presence of a plane in that area. The flight was so low that they testified that could see the plane clearly.

6 the distance from Kuala Lumpur to maldivis is about 1,700 nautical miles.

7. the last signal from the plane was obtained from satellite 7 hours after takeoff. (Http://media.themalaymailonline.com/images/sized/ez/two-path_1803_840_743_100.jpg).

8: 10 am Malaysia time, 2 hours and 40 minutes after the time it was supposed to land in Beijing (5: 30 am Malaysia time). About seven hours after working with the plane.

8. charging source (http://www.haveeru.com.mv/news/54062) that the signal was from the maldibis area and the u.s. Navy base on Diego Garcia that amount to maldivis.

9. in search of the pilot is a sophisticated flight simulator which contained five tracks landing; International Airport of maldivis, at the base of Diego Garcia and three in India and Sri Lanka (http://www.malaysia-today.net/cops-find-five-indian-ocean-practice-runways-in-mh370-pilots-simulator-bh-reports).

10. There is a three-hour difference between lasia (GMT + 8) to maldibis (GMT + 5). If the basic calculation wrong, if he observed at maldibis at 6: 15 am local time, 9: 15 am Malaysia time. An hour after the last time observed by satellite and 8.5 hours after takeoff.

11. the fact that jet fuel was the seven-hour flight (8 according to another source) and is observed by the satellite to 7.5 hours after takeoff and by residents in maldivis apparently 8.5 hours after takeoff, a flight of only 4.5 hours from Malaysia to maldivis, explaining that the plane may have landed for a few hours. (Http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-IR5tImfOvKg/UySaZZSlKoI/AAAAAAAAD44/gZWxXRFEV5s/s1600/Malaysia+Flight+MH370+re-route+corridors+upon+satellite+ping+map+4.bmp). Shtisa as high as well as low altitudes requires twice the fuel consumption.

12. the evidence, including the data simulates the flight’s pilot, indicate the plane headed west across the Indian Ocean that may have landed or was going to land in the Indian Ocean. The maldivis area. Or crashing in naval base Diego Garcia.


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