Twitter blocked in Turkey

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

via Tal Pavel

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Access to Twitter was blocked in Turkey on March 20 and has extensive coverage which found expression on the Internet. Notification of the block given on the Twitter account of Turkish hackers who Hack Red many operating against the Turkish Government.
It seems that the block itself was by blocking the address of the DNS server, which allowed users to circumvent this block. Company allegedly Gogol provides DNS service open to all and those with knowledge in Turkey that began to spread throughout the country;
Twitter of her published a message to Turkey that residents are able to send Twitter messages using mail isronim; in addition, one of the first responses of this group was to publish an alternative approach to Twitter in Turkey; indeed, shortly thereafter claimed that despite blocking Twitter, sent her 2 million tweets within two hours and set a new record by using Twitter in Turkey; also opened various Twitter tags to Center reports on the event: TurkeyBlockedTwitterTwitterisblockedinTurkey, ErdoganBlockedTwitter, as well as many posters on the basis of past experience and weeks months of activity in the online arena against the Turkish Government and its crackdown, and especially Red team activity Hack, you can see the possibility that in the next few days we have witnessed significant activity of this group and others, including those affiliated with “anonymous”, against the Turkish Government in such events, hacking sites, site defacement and leaked information from various computer systems belonging to the Turkish Government.


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