Suspected Cyber espionage in France

Posted: March 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
Suspected Cyber espionage in France


According to the French newspaper “Le Monde” and after a long investigation that was directed by Canadian intelligence officials, is that France is involved in Cyber espionage. The information came after newspaper leaks of Edward Snowden. According to the leaked document, Canadian intelligence gathering operation automatic information from the Internet on a daily basis, then the information is processed by a computer program to detect abnormal traffic pattern files or unusual activities. In many parts of the information monitored, find the code parts of Canadians identified as such software that can perform an unusual task. The Canadian intelligence service has decided to call a “Snowglobe” software.

After an in-depth analysis of the code, the Canadian engineers concluded that the transplant program with a particular computer to gather information and send it to the servers that are configured in advance. It was reported that after analyzing the software contact information Canadian experts to examine the servers which they seem to “listen” to remote control the shape on the destination computers.

In order to determine who was behind the development of this program, the Canadian intelligence service had gathered a few elements of the software. That’s where apparently the name of one of the developers who developed before spyware called “Titi”, which is supposed to be a French name. Moreover, they found that developers use Kilo octet mode as a measure and as is customary in Kilo byte. Finally, the Canadians found a name you can program espionage was “Babar”, the name of a famous French character. In light of all the information they had, the Canadians came to the conclusion that France is behind this software.

It seems that this operation was started in France in 2009. It was also reported that the operation would focus on the Iranian institutions who have participated in the program. However argued that Canadian intelligence officials had found spyware in Spain, Greece, Norway, Côte d’Ivoire and Algeria.


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