China: the terrorists who seek to establish a Muslim state in China

Posted: May 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

Mass stabbing, car bombs in cities and violent protests Uighurs in Xinjiang province decided to raise my head, and made for the headache of Beijing. Whether they are to achieve their goal?
The driver drove zigzag streets, took people and crushing them under the wheels of a car, they had no chance, “he returned to witness the attack occurred on Thursday in Urumqi, western China, the New York Times.” Minutes later, another sports car passed street, and passengers threw small bombs through the windows, while the driver overrides the citizens on the street. more than 30 people were killed, and 94 wounded.

יותר מ-160 בני אדם נדקרו בתחנת הרכבת בקונמינג. זירת האירוע (צילום: רויטרס)

More than 160 people were stabbed at a train station in Kunming. Scene (Photo: Reuters)

The most troubling incident for the authorities in China was Terrorist Attack in Tiananmen Square Forbidden City in Beijing. The Uyghur jeep drove Square and finally exploded and resulted in the deaths of five people. Exit areas of Xinjiang, and the symbolic power of the Tiananmen injury, represent a step up the fight Uighur rights and independence.

In most cases it is only suspected, but this does not prevent Beijing almost automatically blame the Uighurs, as happened just one day after a fresh attack on Thursday, and stop moderates for incitement to separatism.

“ממשיכים לסבול מאפליה על בסיס יומי”. מחאת אויגורים בשינג’יאנג (צילום: Ng Han Guan, אי-פי)
Continue to face discrimination on a daily basis. “Uyghur protests in Xinjiang

מדריך “איך לשרוד איום טרור” נצפה על ידי מיליונים תוך שעות בודדות. הפיצוץ בכיכר טיאננמן (צילום: רויטרס)
Guide How to survive the threat of terrorism” viewed by millions in a few hours. Tiananmen Square blast
Nicola McLean human rights organization ” Human Rights Watch ” criticized the rationale behind this strategy , arguing that it is wrong from the foundation if the groups eventually will affect the policy ” does not make a statement regarding the design and implementation of what is actually happening , there is no political representation adequate , and continue to face discrimination on a daily basis . ”

Chinese propaganda machine is working efficiently , and in the last 20 years has been replaced by English terminology with various ethnic groups nationalism “Simple Group of ethnic ” . So apparently , it’s easy to forget that they have any national aspirations . Many journalists – Chinese and foreign – have embraced the change over the years , often without remembering why the central government introduced it in the first place .

Westerners will have an understanding of these areas, approximates reality more adequately. “Uyghur protest
Map: Area city of Urumqi, Xinjiang

“אל-קאעדה הסיני”. הפיצוץ בכיכר טיאננמן (צילום: רויטרס)
Al Qaeda Chinese.” Tiananmen Square blast

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