Jihadists Claim IS Captured Canadian-I​sraeli Female Soldier in Kobani

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,, http://www.ibtimes.com/isis-claims-it-kidnapped-gill-rosenberg-first-western-woman-fall-groups-hands-1730941



Israel captured ISIS? “Gill There is no one in the world”
Email fraud to the missed call and may have prevented the exit Syria: a conversation with NRG’s lawyer said Gill Rosenberg, Israel reportedly abducted by ISIS “This is a tragic story. The fact that a person skilled up in that state – sad ”
First publication: “Gill Rosenberg, this good girl, she was very sympathetic and talented, there is no one in the world” tonight (Sunday) NRG Attorney Yahel Ben Oved, representing the past, the Israeli fighting, according to reportedly abducted by the organization of the Islamic state in northern Syria Kuban town.

Today, as mentioned, Arab media reported that Rosenberg, an Israeli who immigrated to Israel from Canada and joined the Kurdish forces in their war against the Kuban Daas, fell captive organization ISIS along with other Kurdish fighters in an exchange of fire in the city divided. The news sparked concern in Israel because of the fact that the organization used to execute prisoners of war and its abuse is primarily a response as citizens of Western countries.

Rosenberg, who immigrated to Israel from Canada alone, there were many friends in Israel and they could tell her only contact person in the country is Yahel lawyer who represented her son works when it got tangled in front of the American government affair Email fraud.

“Gill immigrated to Israel at the age of 23 after she already had a civil pilot’s license. She came out of Zionist motives and entered the army, and in my opinion, were it not for its entanglement she was contributing to society in Israel. As it happened, Email fraud managers were looking for native English and Gill came alone from Canada was well aware that language. ”

As part of Rosenberg’s representation, attorney Ben Oved, it finds and other lawyers that Israel does not have a family. “She has a mother in Canada which is not in contact with her, and it does not have anything to do with her father. We, as a lawyer, we had to manage its all civil procedures family usually performs during the trial “.

The lawyer added that this is why Rosenberg has not been released to house arrest. “There was nowhere to release it, and then, it is her choice, she decided to give herself up to the United States, to make up for this affair. Then she sat in prison in the US for five years from 2009 to this year. ”

After her release from prison Rosenberg of the US, she returned to Israel and has created a renewed relationship with Mr. Ben Oved. “She called me immediately after her release in July, and then when he came to Israel in August and September, she called me again. Unfortunately, I loaded the time I got to her she left the Kuban town to join the Kurds.

“This point is very saddens me that maybe I was talking to her and stops her before or preventing this condition,” continued Mr. Ben Oved and added that “this good girl, she was very sympathetic,

“Unfortunately, the fact that a person skilled that reaches such a state – sad. This is really a tragic story of a beautiful woman and talented immigrated to Israel alone, entered the army at the age of 23 and instead move forward stalled and was sitting in an American prison for 5 years, and at the end, at the age of 31, she came to Israel and went to the Kurds. By the way, leaving the country was illegal because it is against its American release conditions determined she should not go out for two years from Israel. ”


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As I said before Gill Rosenberg is safe and all the allegations about her kidnap are unfounded. A short time ago the head of ‪#‎YPG‬ forces in ‪#‎Kobani‬ refuted categorically these allegations.

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