Investigative Intelligence,Israel air force attacked Syria

Posted: February 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

An Iranian drone tried to penetrate the Beit Shean Valley.
The Israeli Air Force carried out an attack deep inside Syria – its results are not clear enough, according to foreign reports, an attack was carried out against:
 The 104th Brigade of the Syrian Republic Guard in the Eldridge area on the outskirts of Damascus, three batteries S-200,5 batteries SA-11, Iranian targets in the Damascus area.
During the return of the planes, a Syrian anti-aircraft system was activated that apparently hit the F16 and caused the pilots to abandon the area of ​​Mitzpe Adi, and the pilot and navigator were evacuated to Rambam for treatment.
IDF Spokesperson’s Office: This morning, an IDF pilot was seriously injured as a result of the emergency departure of an IAF plane. The soldier asks for medical treatment. The subject is being investigated and a message has been delivered to his family.
From the middle of the night and at moments when security assessments and consultations are being held in light of developments in the sector.
Apparently the system used against the IAF was s300.
About 25 antiaircraft missiles were fired in order to try to hit Israeli Air Force planes.
 The IDF Spokesperson: The Syrians used anti-aircraft fire, followed by sirens.
The storm plane was abandoned due to Syrian fire over Israel. Launching the UAV is an aggressive and subversive action by Iran against Israel, and the drone was shot down in the place we chose. We have his remains.
Launching the UAV is an aggressive and subversive action by Iran against Israel, and the drone was shot down in the place we chose.
In the past hour, three SA-5 and SA-17 Syrian batteries and four Iranian targets were attacked in Syrian territory. The Syrians reacted with flak and there were three to four hits in Israeli territory.
Israel is prepared to exact a heavy price from those who act against us. But we are not going to escalate.
One of the pilots drops after plane crash,,
<img src="×720/VR9g60hdlN5Orl6n.mp4&quot; title="h"

Pictures of the remnants of the Israeli plane,

Images of Iranian UAV,

All reports and updates of the northern border on the interception of the UAV, the fall of the IDF aircraft and the status of the injured pilots Join the special channel 13 or the network application and website,

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