AQAP Leader Khalid Batarfi appears in new video calling on Muslim followers around the world to attack American and Jewish targets following the Jerusalem decision. We strongly condemn this hateful and divisive language.


Enlace Judío México.- El líder de Al Qaeda, Khalid Batarfi, con base en Yemen, publica un video diciendo que los musulmanes en ‘la tierra ocupada’ deben matar utilizando todas las armas disponibles

Un alto líder de Al-Qaeda ha pedido a los musulmanes “en todas partes” que se levanten y asesinen a judíos y estadounidenses en respuesta a la decisión del presidente estadounidense Donald Trump de reconocer a Jerusalén como la capital de Israel.

En un video publicado el lunes, Khalid Batarfi dijo que la decisión de Trump era “una declaración de una nueva guerra de cruzados judíos” y que todos los musulmanes tenían el deber de “liberar” la ciudad santa, informó el grupo de monitoreo SITE Intelligence.

“Ningún musulmán tiene derecho a ceder Jerusalén sin importar lo que pase“, dijo Batarfi, un alto comandante de la poderosa rama con sede en Yemen del grupo terrorista. “Solo un traidor renunciaría o la cedería“.

“Que (los musulmanes) se levanten y ataquen a los judíos y a los estadounidenses en todas partes“, dijo, en el video de 18 minutos titulado “Nuestro deber hacia nuestra Jerusalén“.

El lunes, en un discurso ante la Knéset que vio a los legisladores árabes expulsados después de gritar en señal de protesta, el vicepresidente estadounidense Mike Pence se comprometió a trasladar la embajada a fines de 2019.

As a terrorist organization, ISIS exploited the conflict in Syria and sectarian tensions in Iraq to seize control of territory.

The U.S. Intelligence Community focused on gathering information on senior ISIS members, including a man known as Hajji Iman, to gain insight into ISIS’s plans, prevent terrorist attacks, and retake terrorist-controlled territory.

Intel Stories. Some IC successes are behind the scenes, while others are front-page news. Read our featured Intel Stories to learn the story behind key IC victories. To Catch a Terrorist. Born in Iraq in the 1950s, Hajji Iman grew up to be a scholar and cleric. He was also a terrorist—a leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and …

The Current and Future Landscape of Global Islamist Extremism

Documentation: Fighters of the Border Police Special Operations Unit during the operation in Jenin against the suspects who carried out the attack near Havat Gilad, where Rabbi Raziel Shevach was murdered.
The unit’s fighters carry out hundreds of activities a year to prevent terror and arrest terrorists, most of whom can not be exposed.
Police spokesman,

Documentación: Combatientes de la Unidad de Operaciones Especiales de la Policía Fronteriza durante la operación en Jenin contra los sospechosos que llevaron a cabo el ataque cerca de Havat Gilad, donde el rabino Raziel Shevach fue asesinado.
Los combatientes de la unidad llevan a cabo cientos de actividades al año para prevenir el terror y arrestar a terroristas, la mayoría de los cuales no pueden ser expuestos.
Portavoz de la policía

One of the terrorists who murdered Rabbi Raziel Shevach was killed Wednesday morning when another terrorist was arrested in an ambush at a gas station.

The terrorist killed Ahmed Jarar is the son of a terrorist who was assassinated in the second intifada, Nasser Jarar. They belong to Hamas’s Al-Qassam Brigades. IDF forces are now reportedly besieging their house.
During the operation the security forces in Jenin developed a gun battle against terrorists, instead of heavy exchanges of fire. In the afternoon, the security establishment received dramatic information that led our forces to Jenin, where the murderers fled. The special force arrived at the scene and shots were fired at it. At some point, the force was dispersed by a Palestinian mob that began to riot. A gunfight ensued. According to Palestinian reports, one terrorist was killed and one was wounded. There are wounded soldiers.

A video of the demolition of the terrorist’s house by a bulldozer through a local photographer,

US use the Mossad shark?

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An Iranian oil tanker sunk on Sunday after burning for eight days,
In Chinese territorial waters. The entire team of 32 people perished in the fire without survivors.
According to Iran’s official narrative, reported by the official Persian media, the tanker Sanchez collided with a Chinese ship (CF Crystal).
According to Iranian websites, rumors circulated in the corridors of Parliament by some MPs claiming that the oil tanker was attacked by Americans. According to this report, the oil tanker sailed to North Korea and not to South Korea, causing the Americans to block it and drown the ship.
According to this version, the parliament published, in classified bulletin, that the incident was caused by an American attack, denying the official version claimed,
Video from Saturday:
Notice at point 0.14 The Chinese crew boarded the tanker and heard them in a saying
That they found 2 bodies and the “black box”
This could mean that the Chinese
Cool this part of the tanker with water jets to take the black box and “take care of it”
To prevent the Iranians or anyone else from finding it.

From CNN:

Simulation of the collision :

From the BBC:

fact or myth?

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Viewed: fact or myth?
According to foreign reports, Israel attributed to the activities such as shark 🦈 angles who works for the Organization and brings bathers at Sharm el-Sheikh with Eagle 🦅 broadcasts sent to Saudi Arabian Desert and what is your opinion?
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The night will be applied “Novy”, symbolizing the beginning of the year, and among immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

It should be noted that Victor grievski, of all the world’s intelligence services, the חרושצ׳וב ‘s secret speech, which denounced Stalin’s crimes. You get the speech established the institution as one can.
🎉 — Novy novym godom c.

Watch and share: a new video reveals the Innovation Foundation of the Institute for intelligence and special tasks, “Libertad”, which was established in order to maintain and develop the technological superiority of the institution by connecting to start-up companies.

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January 09, 2018
Yossi Cohen heard in the tapes talking about the difference between US presidents Trump and Obama: “The Trump administration has changed the US policy in the region in favor of Israel’s security.”

Unit 3060 was formed in 2014 and has soldiers who specialize in technology.

Educating for hatred and violence against Israel in a performance held in a kindergarten sponsored by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ)