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Senior Administrator at Strategic Diplomatic Relations and Chairman at Helsinki Think Tank
Nov. 2, 2014
Hi Haim, I wrote this recommendation of your work that you can include on your profile. Thanks, Michael “Mike”
Haim is man with wide own genuine experiences living in the ME and EU and Canada. For Haim a stroll down a Ankara road is as familiar as a stroll in Paris or Hague. Haim is fully where ever he is. In other words you now know a man who is never lost. That’s much about how Haim also does matters he does things he knows in a blink of an eye and doesn’t waste a second on something he would not be fast and efficient with.
I have shared many groups and hundreds of discussions with Haim regarding western security matter and tendencies. Haim always manages to dig up something that you won’t find as a give away”” along the OS intelligence path. This as Haim is innovative in his searches and turn, stones upside down, which most westerners would not dream of turning. Haim knows the ME mentality and can therefore think along lines others might not be able to….
Haim has been of great help as a fact finder for SDR (Strategic Diplomatic relations) and also act as a specialist on ME fact finding for Helsinki Think Tank.
Haim is not just a good coworker. He is the best co worker!
I wish to thank Haim from the bottom of my heart and hope to continue this friendship and endless hours of help.
Michael “Mike” Hulden Helsinki Think Thank Chairman “








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אני מברך את המרכז למורשת המודיעין בגלילות המחקר שנדון בו במסגרת מרכז המידע למודיעין ולטרור נועד לחקור תהליכים של יוזמה, הובלה והפצה של חדשות, להכשרה כארגון לומד ויוצר מדע חדש בטרור בקרתי שם וממליץ לכול אחד לבקר,,,I congratulate the Intelligence Heritage Center Glilot study discussed in the framework of the Information Center Intelligence and Terrorism is designed to explore the processes of initiative, transportation and distribution of new Training as a learning organization and creates new science terror I visited there and would recommend to anybody to visit

בספריה תוכלו לקרוא על מאמרים שונים העוסקים על שירותי המודיעין בישראל ובעולם, ההיסטוריה של המודיעין, פרשיות ומשפטי ריגול, כשלים והצלחות וכו’. בתחום הטרור מתמקדת הספרייה בטרור הפלסטיני, לוחמה בטרור, הג’האד העולמי, האסלאם הרדיקלי, הסתה לטרור ולשנאה (כולל אוסף ייחודי של ספרות ערבית אנטישמית). בנוסף לכך מצויים מאמרים וספרים העוסקים בסכסוך הישראלי-ערבי, פוליטיקה כלכלה וחברה של מדינות ערב, תולדות מדינת ישראל, הביטחון הלאומי של מדינת ישראל ועוד.
In the library you can read about various articles on the intelligence services in Israel and worldwide, the history of intelligence, legal affairs and espionage, failures and successes, etc.. The library focuses on terrorism in Palestinian terrorism, counter-terrorism, global jihad, radical Islam, terrorism and incitement to hatred (including a unique collection of anti-Semitic Arabic numerals). There are also articles and books on the Arab – Israeli conflict, politics, economy and society of the Arab countries, the history of Israel, the national security of Israel and more



An Iranian drone tried to penetrate the Beit Shean Valley.
The Israeli Air Force carried out an attack deep inside Syria – its results are not clear enough, according to foreign reports, an attack was carried out against:
 The 104th Brigade of the Syrian Republic Guard in the Eldridge area on the outskirts of Damascus, three batteries S-200,5 batteries SA-11, Iranian targets in the Damascus area.
During the return of the planes, a Syrian anti-aircraft system was activated that apparently hit the F16 and caused the pilots to abandon the area of ​​Mitzpe Adi, and the pilot and navigator were evacuated to Rambam for treatment.
IDF Spokesperson’s Office: This morning, an IDF pilot was seriously injured as a result of the emergency departure of an IAF plane. The soldier asks for medical treatment. The subject is being investigated and a message has been delivered to his family.
From the middle of the night and at moments when security assessments and consultations are being held in light of developments in the sector.
Apparently the system used against the IAF was s300.
About 25 antiaircraft missiles were fired in order to try to hit Israeli Air Force planes.
 The IDF Spokesperson: The Syrians used anti-aircraft fire, followed by sirens.
The storm plane was abandoned due to Syrian fire over Israel. Launching the UAV is an aggressive and subversive action by Iran against Israel, and the drone was shot down in the place we chose. We have his remains.
Launching the UAV is an aggressive and subversive action by Iran against Israel, and the drone was shot down in the place we chose.
In the past hour, three SA-5 and SA-17 Syrian batteries and four Iranian targets were attacked in Syrian territory. The Syrians reacted with flak and there were three to four hits in Israeli territory.
Israel is prepared to exact a heavy price from those who act against us. But we are not going to escalate.
One of the pilots drops after plane crash,,
<img src="×720/VR9g60hdlN5Orl6n.mp4&quot; title="h"

Pictures of the remnants of the Israeli plane,

Images of Iranian UAV,

All reports and updates of the northern border on the interception of the UAV, the fall of the IDF aircraft and the status of the injured pilots Join the special channel 13 or the network application and website,

Dans la série d’attentats de Paris de 2015. Une poursuite pour le terroriste pardonné Abdulsalam a été arrêtée à Bruxelles.

Quelques jours plus tard, une attaque multirésidentielle à Bruxelles à l’aéroport

Léchant les blessures des importations massives de réfugiés et de papiers sans identité, dans les centres d’affaires bondés

Les saboteurs sautent dans d’étranges valises qui ne sont pas piégées.

Après l’attaque l’année dernière sur le marché de Noël de la ville et le récent cas explosif à Potsdam, qui a également été neutralisé

Dans cette capitale, qui marque aujourd’hui la disparition du mur de Berlin, cela ressemble à la préparation d’une nouvelle attaque

Ce qui viendrait des réfugiés à Berlin sans papiers.

Bruxelles: Suspect en 2015 Les attentats de Paris refusent de coopérer devant les tribunaux 5/2/18 P.1 en Court,

Brussels:Suspect in 2015 Paris attacks refuses to cooperate in court 5/2/18 Salah Abdeslam se niega a responder en su primer juicio: "No tengo miedo de usted. Tengo confianza en Alá"

Boaz Gutman,

בדומה למשטרה ומכבי האש, הסוהרים בבתי הכלא בצרפת אומרים שהם חיים דרך קבע בסביבה של אלימות ופחד. והכעס שלהם גובר.

“בעבר, כל בוקר פחדתי שאגלה אדם תלוי בתאו. אתה יודע ממה אני פוחד היום? שישחטו אותי, יחסלו או ידקרו אותי בגב. בשם האסלאם ודעאש. כל יום בדרכי לעבודה בטני מתכווצת מרוב פחד”. – ‘ברנרד’, סוהר צרפתי.

“בעבר, התנהגות תוקפנית הייתה קשורה לקשיי היום יום. עתה שנאה ואלימות משולחות רסן [מצד אנשי אסלאם] מופנות נגד הסמכות [שלנו], החברה, והערכים שלנו”, ז’ואקים פואיו, חבר פרלמנט, לשעבר מנהל כלא פלרי-מרוגי.
הסוהרים בבתי הכלא בצרפת פתחו בשביתה. בתוך פחות מ-10 ימים, מספר סוהרים בבתי כלא שונים הותקפו ונפצעו, בעיקר על ידי אסירים אסלאמים שכלואים בגין עברות טרור או פושעים שנשפטו בגין עברות קטנות אך נראה כי הם בדרך להפוך לאסלאמים קיצוניים. הסוהרים עצרו בתגובה את מהלך החיים הרגיל ברוב בתי הכלא.

גל המתקפות החל ב-11 בינואר 2018. שלושה סוהרים בכלא ונדין-לה-וייל בצפון צרפת נפצעו קל מדקירות סכין של כריסטיאן גנטזרסקי, גרמני שהמיר את דתו לאסלאם והצטרף לאל קעידה והיה המוח מאחורי הפיגוע בבית הכנסת בג’רבה, תוניסיה בשנת 2002.

ב-15 בינואר 2018 שבעה סוהרים הותקפו ונפצעו על ידי אסיר “קיצוני” בכלא מונט-דה-מרסן, בדרום צרפת.

ב-16 בינואר סוהר בכלא גרנובל-ורס כמעט איבד עין במתקפה. לפני שנכנס לתא, הוא הציץ דרך עינית הדלת כאשר לפתע אסיר ניסה להוציא את עינו על על ידי תקיעת עיפרון בחור העינית. למרבה המזל הסוהר לא נפצע.

באותו היום, אסיר בן 28 בכלא טרסקון היכה סוהרת אחראית בפניה. העציר שנכלא בגין שוד היה חשוד שהינו איש אסלאם במגמת הקצנה.

ב-17 בינואר סוהר בכלא גרנובל-ורס הותקף על ידי אסיר שרצה להגיע למרפאת הכלא מבלי שהיה לו תור לרופא. דיווחי העיתונות לא ציינו אם הוא מוסלמי או לא.

ב-19 בינואר שני סוהרים הותקפו על ידי ארבעה אסירים מוסלמים בכלא בורגו בקורסיקה, אי צרפתי בים התיכון. הסוהרים הובהלו לבית החולים במצב קשה. לדברי התובע, “לא ניתן לומר אם זוהי מתקפת טרור אסלאמית”.

ב-21 בינואר, שני סוהרים – גבר ואישה – בבית הסוהר לונגנס שבצפון צרפת הוכו קשות על ידי אסיר חמוש במוט ברזל. הם אושפזו לאחר מכן.

ב-21 בינואר, 123 אסירים בסך הכול בכלא פלרי-מרוגי, בפרבר של פריז, סירבו לחזור לתאם בתום אימון גופני. צוותי התערבות נקראו כדי למנוע התפרעות.

ב-22 בינואר, סוהרים בבית הסוהר קרקלן בשאטורו (מרכז צרפת) פירקו מנשקו אסיר שקרא “אללה אכבר” ואיים על אחרים בסכין. לפני שהסוהרים הצליחו לנטרלו, הוא זרק כיסא על המאבטחים ואחד מהם נפצע קל.

ב-22 בינואר, לדברי משרד המשפטים, 27 בתי כלא שותקו לחלוטין על ידי סוהרים בשביתה. לדברי האיגודים המקצועיים, בין 120 ל-130 בתי כלא, מתוך 188 בסך הכול, היו משותקים לחלוטין או למחצה. כמו כן, על פי האיגודים המקצועיים, הרוב מבין 28,000 הסוהרים אומר כי לא יסיימו את השביתה עד אשר הממשלה תקצה משאבים מספיקים כדי לוודא את ביטחונם.

בדומה למשטרה ומכבי האש, הסוהרים בבתי הכלא בצרפת אומרים שהם חיים דרך קבע בסביבה של אלימות ופחד. והכעס שלהם גובר. ‘ברנרד’, סוהר שביקש להישאר בעילום שם, אומר:

“בעבר, כל בוקר פחדתי שאגלה אדם תלוי בתאו. אתה יודע ממה אני פוחד היום? שישחטו אותי, יחסלו או ידקרו אותי בגב. בשם האסלאם ודעאש. כל יום בדרכי לעבודה בטני מתכווצת מרוב פחד”.

“הסוהרים חשים שנטשו אותם”, כותב ה-Le Monde.

מכות אגרוף בפנים, נקעים וחבלות: אנתוני, אחראי בכלא באומט במרסיי, טוען כי נפל קורבן לארבע תקיפות בשלוש השנים האחרונות. בכל פעם, הוא הגיש תלונה כתב אולם כולן סווגו כסודיות על ידי התובע. “אנו מבקשים כוח אדם, זה נכון” הוא אמר, “אבל גם שהשופטים יעשו את עבודתם מפני שאלימות פיזית הופכת נפוצה יותר ויותר”.

טרור ואסלאם שינו את פניהם של בתי הכלא. לדברי ז’ואקים פואיו, לשעבר מנהל כלא פלרי-מרוגי וכיום חבר פרלמנט, המצב פשוט מאוד:

“בעבר, התנהגות תוקפנית הייתה קשורה לקשיי היום יום. עתה שנאה ואלימות משולחות רסן [מצד אנשי אסלאם] מופנות נגד הסמכות [שלנו], החברה, והערכים שלנו. אין זה פלא שסוהרים, שמתמודדים עם הקצנה של אסירים, הופכים למטרה”.

על פי הסטטיסטיקה הרשמית של משרד המשפטים, ב-1 בדצמבר 2017 בבתי הכלא בצרפת היו מעט יותר מ- 80,000 אסירים. כמה אסירים מוסלמים יש בצרפת? קשה לדעת, מפני שהחוק אוסר לגלות נתונים על גזע, דת או מוצא. בשנת 2015, דו”ח רשמי של חבר הסנאט ז’אן-רנה לסרף ציטט מחקר שקבע כי בארבעת בתי הכלא הגדולים בצרפת יותר מ- 50% מהאסירים הם מוסלמים. לדברי משרד המשפטים, 500 מוסלמים נמצאים בכלא בגין טרור ועוד 1,200 הם פושעים רגילים הנתונים במעקב בשל היותם מוסלמים קיצוניים.

השביתה של הסוהרים מגלה הרבה על השלכותיה של מדיניות בלתי נאותה המונהגת עד כה בבתי הכלא ובנושאים פליליים. הסוהרים אינם מוכנים לסבול יותר אלימות ולהסתכן במוות על ידי אסלאמים ואסירים רדיקלים אחרים המאיימים על חייהם בבתי הכלא.

במקום להבין כי האסלאם שינה באופן מהותי את סוגיית המדיניות הפלילית, נראה כי משרד המשפטים ממשיך לחשוב כי הבעיות המרכזיות בבתי הכלא הן צפיפות ותנאי כליאה קשים.

מובן שצפיפות ותנאי כליאה קשים הם נושאים חשובים. אולם אדישות מנהלתית לצד הכחשה פוליטית מתמדת כי המוסלמים נמצאים במלחמה עם צרפת מעוורים את עיני הפוליטיקאים ואנשי הציבור לכך שהאסלאם משבש את החיים בבתי הכלא.

במקום לשקול מחדש את מדיניות בתי הכלא מנקודת מבט של סיכון אסלאמי – סכנה של רצח סוהרים, וסיכון כי אסירים מוסלמים, שהם הרוב מבין 70,000 אסירים, יהפכו לאנשי ג’יהאד של ממש – הממשלה מנסה לקנות שקט מצד הסוהרים עם העלאות שכר פעוטות ו”ניסויים” לשילובם מחדש של מוסלמים ב”חיים רגילים” ב”חברה נורמלית”.

במקום להבין כי המרכזים המפורסמים לדה-רדיקליזציה – לעיתים קרובות טירות מימי הביניים שהוסבו לייעודן החדש – לא הועילו, מפני שהקיצוניות לא התמתנה, מתווי המדיניות בצרפת מתעקשים לחשוב כי הפתרון למלחמה באסלאמיסטים הוא פיוס. הניסויים החדשים שלהם הולכים כולם באותו כיוון: מתוך פנטזיה ש”אם נהיה נחמדים לאנשי הג’יהאד, הם יהיו נחמדים אלינו”.

צרפת נמצאת במבוי סתום בשל סירובה לנסח את הבעיה על בסיס העובדות. כל עוד מתווי המדיניות לא יראו באסלאמיות בעיה ראשונה במעלה – הדורשת לשקול מחדש את כלל המדיניות בבתי הכלא – סוהרי צרפת ימשיכו לשלם את המחיר, ויום אחד ישלמו בחייהם.

אחרי הסוהרים, יגיע תורנו. עד סוף שנת 2020, 60% מאנשי הג’יהאד המורשעים ישוחררו מכלאם – דהיינו בתוך פחות משלוש שנים.

Donald Trump arrived in Davos on Thursday. He gave America First a speech on Friday

The Secret Service flew him from Zurich to Davos. Six helicopters were in the convoy.

12 agents in the snow with Trump and the caravan that will bring him to the hotel …

Non-routine video and non-routine images. The two Secret Service agents hold him on either side

On the snow that the top commander of the US Army will not suddenly slide …

Snipers at the helicopter landing near Davos and on the roof of the hotel … His Jewish son-in-law Kushnir accompanied him …

Ibinka remained at home. The Swiss received Trump as a rock king or a real king.

A local newspaper gave him a copy to sign. An orchestra played for him in the hall itself.

As Syrian regime renews chemical attacks on the besieged eastern district of Damascus, sources assured to Zaman al-Wasl that most of domestic chemical weapons and missiles used in the attack were manfactured by Iran.

Damascus has been repeatedly accused of using chemical weapons, with the United Nations among those blaming regime forces for an April 2017 sarin gas attack on the opposition-held village of Khan Sheikhoun which left scores dead.

Although the U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Tuesday said Russia bore responsibility for recent chemical attacks on Eastern Ghouta, sources said Iran had been involved in the attack.

More than 20 civilians, most of them children, were victims of a chlorine gas attack on Eastern Ghouta suburbs no Monday.

Tillerson’s comments came as diplomats from 29 countries met in Paris to push for sanctions and criminal charges against the perpetrators of chemical attacks in Syria.

Sources reveal that Iranian experts have manufactured new missiles with large destruction power and a cheap cost.

Their method based on the acquisition of missile engines imported from China, Russia, North Korea and Ukraine or those manufactured domestically at the army-run Scientific Research Center and in the Sfira factory in northern Aleppo province .

Missiles Components

– The 107-mm Katyusha rocket engine (Russian-Korean-China).

-The engine of the rocket BM-14 caliber 140 mm Russian-made.

– Grad rocket engine 122 mm (Russian – Korean – China).

-Rocket engine 220 mm homemade.

– Rocket engine 302 mm homemade.

Manufacturing Steps

1 – Obtain the part that contains the rocket engine only from the missile types mentioned above (by separating the head mass from the engine).

2- Manufacture of an explosive warhead with a much larger mass than that carried by the basic missile (this container can carry explosives or a container to carry other chemicals).

3- As a natural result of increasing the weight of the explosive head mass several times, the distance of the new missile will be much shorter than the distance of the original missile from which the rocket engine was taken.

4 – Manufacturing suitable shock absorber.

5 – Manufacturing tail suitable for maintaining the balance and rotation during the rocket path in the air.

Centers Under Iran’s Control

– Defense Laboratories in Sfira which were completely destroyed in 2016 due to explosions of unknown cause, which led to the destruction completely, Which led to the transfer of the place of manufacturing into the activities of the plant.

– The Damascus-based 794 factory in the Center for Scientific Studies and Research. The factory was formerly owned by the Defense Industries Corporation. It was then transferred to the Center for Scientific Studies and Research. The most important centers for the manufacture of heavy weapons in Syria, and most of its employees are Syrians with a few counting of Iranian experts.

The Institute “2000 Mechanic” in Barza, the northern suburb of Damascus.

Iran’s warpower has reached 82,000 fighters, including 60,000 Syrians, 9,000 members of Hezbollah, 3,000 Iranian Revolutionary Guard members and “10,000 members of violent Shia militias recruited from across the Middle East, including Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

There have been at least 130 separate chemical weapons attacks in Syria since 2012, according to French estimates, with Daesh (ISIS) also accused of using mustard gas in Syria and Iraq.

The site before the destruction of its facilities

The site after the destruction of the facilities

Dear friends

This is a once in a lifetime article where we did study Ambassador ret Yoram Ettinger articles and combined a few
One is even from last year but still very accurate.
Sometimes we have had it hard to see … on earth it will go on in the ME but with Trump not getting intimidated by
EUs consensus to bend over for anything arabic be it calendar or anything else …all I have learned from all of this is that we now have Governmental Censorship and corruption in Finland and other nordic nations…..The truth is simply not reported . Even in social media its made hard
Intentionally I assume… IN Finland we have a pro Arab antisemite Minister who idiotically tried to get into the security council just after I had informed all my Homeland security contacts about his wasting of money to Palestine for a Cultural centre that no one ever will find ….In return Minister Tuomioja took our tax money and got himself a Honoris Dr from some PA University that not even Arabs
Think is worth while….Mr Tuomioja then was told by US we don’t need Nordic “Besser Wissers” from small Nordic nations….
It huts him naturally but its also the truth that he is nobody anywhere .
He did abuse a credit card while we all where waiting for his friends the Palestinians would come and show him as an
Example of sharia law…Why not he has paid for it and did not get into our laws punishment.
So something has to be Dione to people who wish for our kids to see stoning and slow Iranian hanging…
Dear god we dislike men like him hindering the media to report the truth!
Thats why we at SDR take it upon us with Ambassador ret Yoram Ettinger to educate people on facts like that the Palestinians just a few years ago “LOST” 2,5 BILLIONS !

Its like losing 10 hough carpark of Lamborghinis and Rollse´s and Bentleys with gold trimmings. And real Dimond and real gold
Made keys to all the bundle.
Now here is again facts and not any maybe´s for you.
EU is the worst enemy for all the European nations as we become like Communists where all should have the same …..
Look at Israel such a small nation with blames from morning until evening …
I actually have a hard time to follow all empty accusations …But see clearly the good each day.
Is it so hard to believe ?

If it sounds to much like a fairytale it surely is one.
Israel provides safety for any nations with its technology and
Readiness to help anyone including wounded Syrians…..

Has anyone heard of any Muslim helping a Israeli ?

This is the fact ….but that we leave for our legendary diplomat to inform you about in a very orderly manner so that even the most
Idiotic EU politician can understand it.

That said here comes the entire bundle and it doesn’t take much of time ….
but a Lott of memory space especially for any EU politicians.

We stay strong for the West

Mike Hulden
Senior admin of DR and Chairman at Helsinki Think Tank
Cofounder of Diplomatic Council Oxford where Finnish President Halonen via TPK
Gave her own opening speech in writing for us.
(The Current Finnish President has also supported Helsinki Think Tank via TPK)
(TPK translated to English is the Presidential office)
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The main details came out. The FBI tried to frame Donald Trump !!
A scandal that is going to shock the FBI and the Justice Department.
A former US Justice Department official, Joe Diganova, sums up what was revealed in the ongoing investigation, including the names of senior officials who cooperated on the matter. As mentioned above, from the text messages that were seized, they called themselves the ‘secret society’.

And so it turns out: Hilary has committed serious crimes, but senior FBI and Justice Department officials have conducted a casual investigation because it was decided to have it in advance.
The FBI shares the fusion gps company that was hired to produce the ‘Russia file’ by the Clinton camp with highly classified information, in violation of the law.
The fake Russian file was built and delivered for a wiretapping order, even though these officials know it is a fake.
Received orders to listen and eavesdropping and also confirm follow-up letters and telephones of Trump people – even while he was president-elect, and continued to try to incriminate him on the matter even during his tenure.

Philippines to Deport Alleged Hamas Engineer as Favor to Israeli Intelligence

MANILA: Philippine intelligence operatives have arrested a 64-year-old Iraqi national and accused him of having links with the Palestinian organization Hamas.
Taha Mohammed Al-Jabouri was presented to the media by Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Ronaldo Dela Rosa on Monday. He was arrested at the weekend by PNP Intelligence Group operatives in Barangay Malabanias, Angeles City.
Citing intelligence information passed to the PNP by the Iraqi Embassy in Manila, Dela Rosa claimed Al-Jabouri is “a chemist with knowledge of explosives who is known to have close ties with militant extremist movements in the Middle East.”
According to the PNP chief, Al-Jabouri arrived in Manila from Istanbul on Aug. 27, at the height of preparations for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit, which was held in November and was attended by 20 world leaders, including US President Donald Trump.
“Since then he evaded detection after the Iraqi Embassy in Manila alerted the Philippine intelligence community of his presence,” Dela Rosa said.
On Saturday night police were tipped off by local authorities in Angeles City of the presence of a suspicious-looking man with Middle Eastern features, fitting the description and photographs provided by the Iraqi Embassy. PNP intelligence operatives were immediately sent to the area and at around 3 a.m. on Sunday they arrested Al-Jabouri.
The police claim Al-Jabouri admitted, under interrogation, that he had served as a consultant for Hamas in Damascus before moving to Istanbul in 2012. He also claimed to have been responsible for improving Hamas’ “rocket technology.”
The suspect further revealed that he traveled to Manila to meet a Chinese business group, which hired him as a consultant.
However, Dela Rosa said the police have yet to establish whether Al-Jabouri has been involved in any illegal activity in the Philippines, or the threat the suspect may pose. They are, he said, checking if Al-Jabouri has links with any local militant groups.
At present, charges will be filed against the Iraqi national as an illegal alien, as his 90-day visa has already expired. Philippine authorities are coordinating with the Iraqi Embassy to deport Al-Jabouri.
Dr. Rikard Jalkebro, a visiting security expert from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, said the arrest shows that the Philippines, and other countries in Southeast Asia, are a common choice for people who are trying to escape justice in their home countries.
Jalkebro, however, questioned the wisdom of making Al-Jabouri’s arrest public, and other aspects of the affair.
The biggest question, he said, is: “What is the Iraqi government, or the Iraqi Embassy’s underlying reason for reporting Al-Jabouri?”
He continued, “I’m not sure of the point of alerting the media about this arrest. I think that might have been a bit preemptive. (It seems they are) highlighting the fact that he has links to Hamas and that he is Iraqi in order to, not necessarily spread fear, but to spread some kind of caution and highlight that yes, we do have foreign terrorists in the country.”
“I think it sounds very odd to mention that you freelance for Hamas. That doesn’t add up to me,” he told Arab News. “It sounds like a reason for the government to say, ‘Look at this. We have a foreign terrorist.’”

Sweden, once one of the safest countries in the world, is now experiencing a sharp rise in violence and sexual assault in some of its suburbs
In 2017, in addition to 110 murders and 7226 rapes, there were 320 shootings and dozens of bombings. Swedish Social Democrat Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said last week that he is ready to deploy the army to fight organized crime.
Much of this violence comes from “social exclusion zones”, suburbs that are mostly inhabited by immigrants. The Times says that given the quality of the infrastructure and services that are available in these suburbs, they can not really be called ghettos. However, they face high crime rates and high unemployment rates.
In the city of Malmö, the average age of gang members is 22 years old. But we also see 14-year-olds armed with Kalashnikovs and bulletproof vests in the streets.
For years, Sweden was a country open to immigration, but it hardened its policy after the migration crisis in 2015, when 160,000 people sought asylum in the country. Now 12% of the Swedish population comes from non-Western countries.
The question of the integration of these people has been little mentioned in the national debate, and for a long time, the deterioration of the situation in some suburbs has been minimized in the public debate. This silence was made possible by the relative tranquility of the rest of the country and its economic growth.
According to Swedish economist Tino Sanandaji, it has become politically incorrect to link delinquency with immigrants. As a result, Paulina Neuding, an internationally renowned Jewish author, was accused of xenophobia because she had linked the rise in anti-Semitic violence to sexual assault with mass migration.
According to her, the country is experiencing a “sexual assault crisis”. In fact, the number of rapes is up by 10% compared to 2016, and 36% of young Swedish women now say they do not feel safe at night. The number of women reporting sexual assault increased from 1.4% in 2012 to 4.1% in 2016.
In 2014, a study carried out on the cases of rape is Stockholm concluded that the 2/3 of the authors were non-Swedish citizens.

Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing at the US Department of the Treasury, Marshall Billingslea held meetings with political and banking officials in Beirut on Tuesday as part of a policy to tighten Washington’s control over “Hezbollah’s” financial activities and to validate the level of Lebanon’s commitment to apply financial sanctions against the group and to restrict the flow of money.

The US official informed both President Michel Aoun and Speaker Nabih Berri about the target of his visit to Beirut.

During their meeting, Aoun informed Billingslea that “Lebanon contributes in global efforts to fight the financing of terrorism and money laundering.”

The president added that “Lebanese security services are vigilant in the pursuit of terror cells and the fight against drug trafficking.”

For his part, Berri told the US official that “the laws endorsed by the Lebanese Parliament have made Lebanon a state that complies with the highest international legal standards, in terms of money transfer, and fighting money laundering and terrorist financing.”

Billingslea hailed the performance of the Lebanese Central Bank and all the Lebanese banks.

Last Jan. 11, the US Justice Department announced the creation of a special task force to investigate those who provide financial support to Hezbollah in an effort to restrict the flow of money and disrupt international drug trafficking operations.

A banking source told Asharq Al-Awsat on Tuesday that since the US Treasury had introduced new amendments to sanctions that target Hezbollah; Lebanese banks have intensified the audit and monitoring procedures in all operations of opening new bank accounts.

“Any suspected money transfer operation is referred to an investigative committee at the bank before this committee shares the outcome of its inquiry with the Central Bank to make sure that all transactions remain in the safe zone,” the source said.

Washington’s step comes in the framework of its escalatory pressures to stop the spread of Iran’s influence in the Middle East and to restrict Hezbollah’s military powers in the region.