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Senior Administrator at Strategic Diplomatic Relations and Chairman at Helsinki Think Tank
Nov. 2, 2014
Hi Haim, I wrote this recommendation of your work that you can include on your profile. Thanks, Michael “Mike”
Haim is man with wide own genuine experiences living in the ME and EU and Canada. For Haim a stroll down a Ankara road is as familiar as a stroll in Paris or Hague. Haim is fully where ever he is. In other words you now know a man who is never lost. That’s much about how Haim also does matters he does things he knows in a blink of an eye and doesn’t waste a second on something he would not be fast and efficient with.
I have shared many groups and hundreds of discussions with Haim regarding western security matter and tendencies. Haim always manages to dig up something that you won’t find as a give away”” along the OS intelligence path. This as Haim is innovative in his searches and turn, stones upside down, which most westerners would not dream of turning. Haim knows the ME mentality and can therefore think along lines others might not be able to….
Haim has been of great help as a fact finder for SDR (Strategic Diplomatic relations) and also act as a specialist on ME fact finding for Helsinki Think Tank.
Haim is not just a good coworker. He is the best co worker!
I wish to thank Haim from the bottom of my heart and hope to continue this friendship and endless hours of help.
Michael “Mike” Hulden Helsinki Think Thank Chairman “







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אני מברך את המרכז למורשת המודיעין בגלילות המחקר שנדון בו במסגרת מרכז המידע למודיעין ולטרור נועד לחקור תהליכים של יוזמה, הובלה והפצה של חדשות, להכשרה כארגון לומד ויוצר מדע חדש בטרור בקרתי שם וממליץ לכול אחד לבקר,,,I congratulate the Intelligence Heritage Center Glilot study discussed in the framework of the Information Center Intelligence and Terrorism is designed to explore the processes of initiative, transportation and distribution of new Training as a learning organization and creates new science terror I visited there and would recommend to anybody to visit

בספריה תוכלו לקרוא על מאמרים שונים העוסקים על שירותי המודיעין בישראל ובעולם, ההיסטוריה של המודיעין, פרשיות ומשפטי ריגול, כשלים והצלחות וכו’. בתחום הטרור מתמקדת הספרייה בטרור הפלסטיני, לוחמה בטרור, הג’האד העולמי, האסלאם הרדיקלי, הסתה לטרור ולשנאה (כולל אוסף ייחודי של ספרות ערבית אנטישמית). בנוסף לכך מצויים מאמרים וספרים העוסקים בסכסוך הישראלי-ערבי, פוליטיקה כלכלה וחברה של מדינות ערב, תולדות מדינת ישראל, הביטחון הלאומי של מדינת ישראל ועוד.
In the library you can read about various articles on the intelligence services in Israel and worldwide, the history of intelligence, legal affairs and espionage, failures and successes, etc.. The library focuses on terrorism in Palestinian terrorism, counter-terrorism, global jihad, radical Islam, terrorism and incitement to hatred (including a unique collection of anti-Semitic Arabic numerals). There are also articles and books on the Arab – Israeli conflict, politics, economy and society of the Arab countries, the history of Israel, the national security of Israel and more



Since its intervention in the Syrian war, and particularly in recent times, Iran has been trying to “permanently” sign in Syria and open military bases to which it sends its militias, which strengthen its survival in this country.

At the same time, Russia, which is constantly announcing the return of forces from Syria, is strengthening its control of the Syrian coast and taking control of military bases belonging to the Syrian regime.

The Iranian bases

Damascus International Airport: The Iranians have a building near this airport. The mercenaries are in the building, and from there they are sent to the battle zone near Damascus alongside the Syrian army. According to a British report, the building has five floors and 180 rooms, and it houses thousands of fighters and commanders from all sectors: clandestine warfare, logistical services, the mercenary headquarters and the Iranian intelligence director. In addition, in this building are held millions of dollars.
There is also a new military base close to the scientific research center in Jamraya, on the outskirts of Damascus, a center responsible for developing chemical weapons for the regime of Bashar al-Assad, which has been bombed by Israel several times in recent years.

* Jebel Azan: Another base that Iran has is in the Jebel Azan area of ​​the southern suburbs of Aleppo, where the Iranian militias are stationed, which includes a room for Iranian Revolutionary Guards and weapons stores.

* Quneira – The Iranians have taken over many areas in the region, including Tili Fatmeh, Khan Arnabeh and the town of al-Ba’t [close to the border with Israel], in which large groups of Iranian militias, Shuhada, Muhammad al-Bakr, Hezbollah forces, the Abu al-Fadel Abbas, the Iraqi woman, and another Afghan militia.

A-China airport: Iran also has Shiite militias that it transferred to the airport on Iranian planes – special planes for the transfer of soldiers and military equipment.

The airport of She’irat: At this base are Iranian officers who advise in battles in Syria.

Russian soldiers at the welcoming ceremony for Vladimir Putin on a visit to a warm base, December 11, 2017 (Kremlin website, CC BY 4.0)
Russian bases

* The Syrian coast, the bases at Tartus and warm: Russia is stationed on the Syrian coast officers and soldiers, heavy weapons and heavy war tools, and sees this area as a strategic place for anchoring battleships. From a warm base, dozens or even hundreds of air strikes in northern Syria come out on the day.

* Shirat Airport: At the end of 2015, Russia built facilities at the Sheirat military airport, bringing Sukhoi fighters, helicopters and hundreds of Russian soldiers to fight in the suburbs of Homs, Hamat and Aleppo.

* The Syrian regime gave Russia a base in butter, which serves as the headquarters of the air defense division in the city and contains missiles and arms depots in addition to Russian technicians and officers.

You can see that Russia and Iran are the Syrians in Syria, and that the Syrian regime has no choice but to accept the fact that its state is no longer its own.

South, West and Central-North Syria: controlled by Russia and Iran [and of course there are also parts of the south where there are rebels and an organization of Da’as].

Eastern Syria: under the control of the Americans, who are not even willing to see a Syrian / Russian / Iranian leg that has one inch in their territory.

Northern Syria: part controlled by the Kurds and part controlled by the Turks and the militias supporting it.

So far we have seen a civil war in Syria, mainly between the Syrian regime and rebels / terrorist organizations in the struggle for control of the territories in Syria. Will the civil war turn into a war between powers and civilizations over territories in Syria?

(“Orient News”)


LIVE UPDATES IN PROGRESS: The United States appears to be preparing a very large strike upon Syria. U.S. Navy Guided Missile Cruisers and Destroyers have been formed into strike groups in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, in the Red Sea and in the Persian Gulf.

Worse: Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) reports US forces have trained terrorists in Syria’s southern de-escalation zone to use chemical weapons and are preparing a false flag attack, 20 tons of chlorine has been delivered to them.


Editor’s Note: This has “DISASTER” written all over it.

More details as they become available. Please check back. . .

France’s foreign ministry tells reporters to stop all travel to Syria

DANGER: Russia has now said that unlike the last time, they will respond with military force and not only shoot down the missiles, but destroy whatever shot them.

That right there will change everything in an instant if that happens. WWIII WILL kick off, no going back once Russian forces directly attack U.S. forces.

When that happens, it will be on like Donkey Kong.

Satellite images show the USS Theodore Roosevelt strike group in the Persian Gulf

Moments ago Russia air defense systems at Khmemeim Air Base in Latakia, Syria intercepted an unidentified object/s over the sea.
2 missiles were launched.

This is getting serious: Russian Army Chief of Staff says US been preparing sabotage groups at Al Tanf to stage chemical attacks to serve as pretext to attack SYRIA. According to Moscow, some of the subversive groups already transferred to Free Syrian Army (FSA) positions.

MoD claims some chemicals, dozens of detonating fuses disguised as packs of cigarettes been delivered to town of Dariya. More staged attacks being planned in towns of Al Ghabid, Qalb Loze 25 km NW of Idlib to where 20 containers of chlorine been delivered.

Whatever the “object” was which was engaged by Russian Missiles fired from Syria, the object was downed successfully. Russia says it was flying from the northwest.

Gen. Gerasimov, head of the Russian Army General Staff, said Russian military would “target any missiles and launchers involved in such an attack” including UScarriers, destroyers.

Some Russian military vessels now en route to Syria.

Moscow makes it clear it is not backing down.

Russia directs strong representation to U.S. via diplomatic, military channels due to U.S. threats of strikes at Damascus – Lavrov
via Interfax News Service

ALSO: Astronomical twilight (the last phase) has given way to night in all of Syria, and is sweeping over Cyprus now.

France confirms they have made a request to the USA and NATO allies about joint strikes on Syria in relation to alleged chlorine attacks by Assad. Thus, it appears that whatever is being set-up, its likely in response to French requests.

I can now confirm USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT aircraft carrier, along with its strike group taken battle positions in the Persian Gulf.

In the Mediterranean Sea, the US 6th Fleet has deployed surface ships and submarine units.

4 US ships: USS Oak Hill, Iwo Jima, USS New York, USNS William Mclean


Andy Blumenthal
Assad’s Time Is Up … #ChemicalWeapons #WMD #Syria #Russia #Civilians #Children #NonProfiferation #CruiseMissile #USA #DoD @realDonaldTrump

1:29 PM – Mar 17, 2018

See Andy Blumenthal’s other Tweets
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Blumenthal is Deputy Chief Operating Officer at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response. Previously, served progressively as Chief Information Officer, U.S. Department of State, Global Information Services; Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives; and Chief Enterprise Architect, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Coast Guard and Secret Service.

Here is what Bloomenthal says, in it’s entirety:

A 30 character EAM was just broadcast on 8992.0 “EAM” means “Emergency Action Message” sent by the United States to certain military assets worldwide. An EAM is a “drop whatever you’re doing and do this first” type of message transmitted over the Global High Frequency Radio Network.

The vessels mentioned above in the Update at 1:45 PM EDT, are all amphibious assault ships or their support ships. Meaning the potential of thousands of Marines are awaiting landing on Syria’s coastline along with their tanks APCs artillery and all the hell that comes with Marines right after the potential air attacks from the Red Sea and Persian Gulf.

Problem with this is Russians have large naval army and air assets at several bases Kmeimin and Tartus on the coast. If these air attacks take place and the Russians shoot them down. That’s it — there is no going back.

This will accelerate at break neck speed into chaos.

From Greek News Service (Translated via Google)

‘While the maps depicting cruise missile routes of an American attack on Syria from the Mediterranean-Red-Persian Gulf (central photo) have already been released, Russia has already received the first attack on the Khmeimim air base. Russian air raids have broken one or more unknown objects, probably drone, which recorded the Russian movements’

US forces sent naval and air forces to control the region in the Mediterranean Sea, Jordan, Turkey, Cyprus and Iraq.
The situation around Syria continues to “boil” very dangerously.
The media do not officially give all the information related to the confrontation between Russia and the United States … obviously not to cause panic.

UPDATE 5:43 PM EDT *** BREAKING **** URGENT *** (NOTE: 9:06 AM EDT Sunday, this report is DISPUTED)
The Russian Chief of Staff has been officially informed by the United States of America that it would conduct military operations in Damascus within 48 hours.

Russia has informed Iran of this and Iran is moving anti-ship missile batteries to the mouth of the Persian Gulf. The USS Theodore Roosevelt and its strike group may not get out of the Persian Gulf alive.

The information directly above in this update is DISPUTED. The U.S. “usually” provides only ONE hour advance notice of military action in Syria.


From the video: “Syrian Army won, they absolutely have no reason to use chemical weapons. They didn’t use when they needed it the most (before Russian help came) and was almost losing the war. Why should they use when they are winning hard and doing mop up operations in some non important parts of the country?

Russia basically saying US to not do this -but US doesn’t listen and will strike anyway. This time Russia will answer by using military means.

Here’s a map of what is located where in terms of U.S. and NATO naval deployments.

Look at all the guided-missile destroyers sit off the coast.

And, USS John Warner (SSN-785):

From wiki:
“This ship is the second of the Block III subs, which will have a revised bow and some technology from Ohio-class cruise missile submarines.[6] The vessel supports 40 weapons, special operations forces, unmanned undersea vehicles, Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS).”

Multiple reports of B2 Stealth Aircraft taking off from Whiteman AFB

UN officials have been advised to leave Damascus urgently.

SUNDAY 18 MARCH 2018 :9:06 AM EDT —
firstly it is CONFIRMED that France is requesting journalists to leave Syria. It is also CONFIRMED that the UN have been asked to move from Damascus.

France CONFIRMED they HAVE asked to form a coalition to strike the Assad regime in response to chlorine attacks.

It is DISPUTED that the US have informed Russia of any strikes in Syria at this time. Normal procedure is to give the Russian’s about 1 hour warning. There has been no warning yet.

The carrier group in the region is on usual station; it is supposed to be there. That said, it is CONFIRMED that cruise missile equipped ships are indeed positioning in various places.

It is also CONFIRMED there has been some deployment of bomber aircraft out of the USA.

In sum, there is certainly some prep work going on but I don’t think the go signal has been given yet. That said, plenty of pieces moving on the board.

Below is map showing the previous deployment of forces in the eastern Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Syria in 2013. I am told that the PRESENT deployment is larger and that “this is an explosion waiting to happen . . .”

A total of five Russian warships, frigates and corvettes, two refueling ships, an electronic escort ship and three submarines equipped with cruise missiles (conventional propulsion but two of the new Kilo II class) are currently east of Crete.

Washington, D.C. – House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) today released March’s Terror Threat Snapshot, a monthly assessment of the Committee’s continuing effort to highlight the growing threat America, the West, and the world face from ISIS and other Islamist terrorists.

Chairman McCaul: “ISIS remains a dynamic and continuing threat to the West and the homeland. The recent State Department terrorist designations of several ISIS-affiliated groups and key leaders from around the world will help degrade ISIS’ global network by denying them the resources to spread hatred and terror. We must redouble our efforts to deny terrorist entry into America by better working with our allies and ensuring our vetting efforts are as streamlined and effective as possible.”

Key Points:

The U.S. Department of State designated seven ISIS-affiliated groups as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO) and two ISIS-affiliated individuals as Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGT). The groups are ISIS-West Africa, ISIS-Philippines, ISIS-Bangladesh, ISIS-Somalia, ISIS-Egypt, Jund al-Khilafah-Tunisia, and the Maute Group. The individuals are Mahad Moalim and Abu Musab al-Barnawi. The designation as a SDGT and FTO prohibits U.S. persons from engaging in transactions with them, and their assets subject to U.S. jurisdiction were blocked and seized. Assisting them with any material support is now criminal as well.
In a continuing effort to cut off terrorist financing opportunities, the U.S. Department of the Treasury imposed sanctions on six people and seven entities responsible for funding Hezbollah. Most of them are tied to Adham Tabaj, one of the terrorist group’s top financiers, and his company Al-Inmaa Engineering and Contracting. The firms are located in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Lebanon, and Ghana.
As ISIS loses its geographic presence, fighters continue to return to their home countries. Russia had the highest number of fighters go to Syria and Iraq with an estimated 3,417, and 400 have returned. Saudi Arabia was next with roughly 3,244, of which 760 have returned. Jordan was third with approximately 3,000, of which 250 have returned. Tunisia followed with 2,926, of which 800 have returned. France was fifth with 1,910, of which 271 have returned, according to a report from The Soufan Center.
Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh, the last two of the notorious ISIS group referred to as “The Beatles” were captured by Syrian Kurd forces in eastern Syria. The group was responsible for several high-profile executions, including Alan Henning, James Foley, Steven Sotloff. Mohammed Emwazi, aka Jihadi John, was killed in a U.S. airstrike in Raqqa. The fourth member, Aine Lesley Davis, was arrested in Turkey, and is currently imprisoned.

The complete March Terror Threat Snapshot is available, here.

Click to access March-Terror-Threat-Snapshot.pdf

View the Committee’s interactive Terror Threat Snapshot, here.

One of the heads of Russia’s chemical weapons program and the head of the Novitchuk project, the lethal nerve gas used against Sergei Scrippel and his daughter, was for many years under the scrutiny of Israeli intelligence – until his mysterious death in 2002
General Anatoly Konsavitch

The Russian spy poisoning affair has a very interesting Middle Eastern angle: one of the heads of the Russian chemical weapons program and the head of the Novitchuk project, the lethal nerve gas used against Sergei Scrippel and his daughter, was for many years under the scrutiny of Israeli intelligence.


Russia has been developing and manufacturing chemical weapons since the end of World War II and perhaps even before. In the early 1970s, its scientists began to produce far more violent and deadly versions of nerve gases, including the “Novitchuk”. General Anatoly Konsiewicz, an expert in physics and organic chemistry and a senior official in his field in the Soviet Union, was responsible for the production of the lethal gas compounds.


In the mid-1980s and under President Gorbachev, the Soviet Union declared that it would sign treaties to prevent the development, production and stockpiling of chemical weapons. In 1987, the Soviet government announced that it was unilaterally halting production, and in 1989 Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze declared that his country had abandoned “completely” the production of poison gas.
In the next decade, after the breakup of the Soviet Union and under the rule of President Boris Yeltsin, Russia collapsed economically and needed all the help of the West The US demanded to be involved in the disarmament of weapons of mass destruction, including the chemical one, and Wilcin appointed General Concevich as his assistant and liaison With the West. But Russia dismantled only some of its chemical weapons, and evidence that it did not deliver all the material for dismantling soon became known to spies and journalists in the West.

Will Englund, the Baltimore Sun reporter, published a confession by several scientists and revealed the existence of the “Novitchuk”. One of these scientists accidentally touched a fragment of the material and died. Others followed him. Those who survived were prosecuted for talking to him. A Russian banker and his secretary died after a small amount had been smashed on their phone, but the Russians insisted, just like this week, that they did not have the weapons. “We play by the rules,” said Koenshevitz.


In the 1990s, worrisome news began to arrive in Syria that experiments were being conducted to develop chemical weapons that were more advanced than the simple mustard and nerve gases they possessed. According to reports, the knowledge of advanced weapons production was provided by General Koeniewicz. It seems that the business with the Syrians was not a government initiative but rather an attempt by Konsavitz to do his home. In July 1995, under the guise of a routine work visit to Syria as part of the good military ties that remained between the two countries, he began to establish personal ties with the heads of the Syrian regime, received huge sums of money and in return provided the knowledge and some of the equipment for the production of deadly chemical weapons.
Some of the details of the deals were known to the Mossad in the late 1990s. Prime Minister Ehud Barak tried to warn the heads of government in Moscow against the general’s actions, but to no avail. It seemed that President Yeltsin could not or would not interfere.


In the book “The Volunteer” published in Canada, the author, Michael Ross, attests to himself as a Mossad man and as part of his job, when Israel saw that the pressure was not working, he was asked to pretend to be an independent researcher. The author testified that he repeatedly called top officials in the Kremlin and told them that, according to information, he had chemical weapons sold to Syria. The intention was to frighten Moscow because this information was about to be published soon but that did not help either.


In Israel they were furious. On April 29, 2002, in circumstances that remained unknown, General Konsavitch died during a flight from Aleppo to Moscow. It seems that Syria is confident that Israeli intelligence has succeeded in reaching him and poisoning him.


A top secret CIA document from that period states that Syria managed to produce a large amount of deadly chemical weapons until the death of the general. According to various sources, on his recent visit to Syria, Konsavitz brought with him sketches and sketches for the development of the “Novitchuk”. If he did not find his death on the flight back to Moscow, the West’s problem with Syria, and especially with Israel, could have been much greater today.


The chemical weapon that was created as a result of Koensiewicz’s activity, or so the Syrians claimed, would be dismantled later in a deal brokered by Russia to prevent an American attack, which led to Russia’s deep military involvement in Syria and its transformation into the influential power in the region.

Israel, or “Startup Nation” as some call it, has become a world leader in cyber security. And the nation’s military is fueling its supremacy.

Although Israel makes no cars of its own, the world’s top auto-security companies are all Israeli. The country also receives roughly one-fifth of the world’s global private investment in cyber security. As independent and state-sponsored hackers wreak havoc, Israel continues to revolutionize its military and lead the way in the field.

To start, the Israeli Defense Force recruits the best and brightest coders and hackers as teens, to funnel them into their elite cyber warfare units.

“Because going to the service is compulsory, you can look at the Israeli army as the largest HR organization in the world,” said Roni Zehavi, the CEO of CyberSpark, a government initiative that serves as an innovation incubator.

These elite units are some of the most impressive in the world. Unit 8200, for example, used to be a closely guarded secret because it’s believed to be responsible for the STUXNET cyber-attack that sabotaged the Iranian nuclear program.

The skills these soldiers learn in units like 8200 are extremely profitable on the free-market. Former Israeli soldiers have brought their military and technological know-how to the private sector and created companies that specialize in cyber defense and offense.

VICE’s Ben Ferguson traveled to Israel to investigate the future of cyber warfare from the country that’s dedicated itself to becoming a superpower. While there, he explored the blurred lines among education, military tech entrepreneurship, and excessive surveillance.

Colonel Sergey Scrippel served in the Russian Military Intelligence until about 1999.

He then moved to serve as a lecturer at the Diplomatic Military Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

In 2004 he was arrested by the Russian GSS

As a spy. He is accused of being recruited by the British espionage service in 1995.

In exchange for $ 100,000. In the framework of the dedication revealed Russian spies throughout Europe. He was sentenced to 13

Years in harsh conditions by a military court in Moscow.In 2006

Received a pardon from Russian President Dmitry Medvedev so that he could be replaced by Russian spies

Who were arrested in the United States, including the famous spy Anna Chapman. This week he was suddenly poisoned. He and his daughter

The Russian television “explains” the scandal in England. Also some Western networks ….

No need to understand. Just watch. A few more poisoned. Putin promised in 2010 a bad end for traitors …


Video Anna Chapman FBI Surveillance – Video of the FBI

Marked with an arrow mentioned in the recent news that the alleged traitor in the US – was poisoned …

Thanks Boaz,,,

Former president Suharto allowed Mossad to have a large presence in Indonesia.

Indonesia – Israel Official Business Relationship
Government of Indonesia may say no diplomatic relations with Israel, but the facts on the ground, Government of Indonesia and Israel actually foster good relations with Israel in business.

Intimate business relationship between Indonesia and Israeli government has been signed under decision of the fourth president of Indonesia, named Abdurrahman Wahid or Gusdur. In 1999, Abdurrahman Wahid has opened the official trade relations with Israel. The plan was also manifested by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Indonesia named Luhut Binsar Panjaitan in 2001 with signing the Decree No.23/MPP/01/2001 to legalize the trade relations between Indonesia and Israel which expected able to grow the economic development between two countries.

The intimacy relationship between Indonesia and Israel continued during the reign of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY). On September 13, 2005, Indonesia Foreign Minister Hassan Wirayudha met Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, in New York, USA. Hassan claimed the meeting was not to discuss the restoration of diplomatic relations. According to one foreign media, Jerusalem (Israel) has sent a letter to Jakarta to show the Israel’s willingness to keep business relationship between Jakarta and Tel Aviv.

Fact that found on the ground made SBY had to find strong reason to explain it on the public conference. At the office of the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia in New York, Sixth President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) says “there is no something blur over Indonesia’s commitment that want to help the struggle of the Palestinian people”. Unfortunately President SBY’s statement doesn’t contain any meaning over the secret meeting between Indonesia and Israel to discuss business networks. However since then, the relations between the two countries become intensified.

In 2006, a trade mission carried out by Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with visiting Israel. The Chairman of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mohammad Hidayat has signed the economic agreements between the two countries. The president of Israel Manufacturers Association, Shraga Brosh believes and said “Indonesia can be a major and great market for the export of Israeli goods in Southeast Asia”. While the Chairman of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mohammad Hidayat said that this cooperation could help Israeli companies to perform any business activities in Indonesia.

4th President Of Indonesia, Abdurrahman Wahid.

This visit also confirms the intensive establishment of contacts between the two countries in trade. The volume of trade data between Indonesia and Israel during 2005 has reached 154 million dollars. Israel believe it will reach 600 million dollars in 2010 and more than 1 billion dollars in 2012.

Israel is targeting various important projects in Indonesia, for example, PLT-Geothermal development project in Sumatra worth 200 million dollars that won by Ormat Technologies Inc, Israeli engineering company in the field of geothermal energy. In addition, Indonesia has become marketing target of biomedical technology products.

An Indonesian surgeon who frequently travelling to conflict areas around the world such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Somalia, and others has revealed many ICU equipment in the major hospitals of Indonesia bought from Israel. In this regard, Indonesian government has sent many times medical teams to Tel Aviv for ICU (Intensive Care Unit) training.

Beside medical world, according to data that has been obtained, Indonesian military have purchased a number of firearms such as the sniper rifle Galil Galatz 7.62mm, Micro Tavor 9mm, Tavor TAR-21, Jericho 941, IWI Negev 5.56mm Light Machine Gun and Pistol Jericho 941 which those all made by Israeli Military Industries (IMI) in 2012.

According to General (Ret) Soemitro, a harmonious and intimacy relationship between the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, and Indonesian military (TNI) are real. He writes: “David, Raviv, and Yosi Melman in their book “Every Spy Prince” wrote that Indonesia had entered into a relationship with Mossad. He said, the Mossad sent an envoy, a team from Mossad post in Singapore to Jakarta and then held talks which led Israeli agreed to hold a military training for the Indonesian army and its intelligence. Mossad has considered the Intelligence realtionship between Indonesia and Israel is a good choice, and then Israeli intelligence opened its first representative in Jakarta under the guise of trade, while Indonesia has also sent military personnel to Israel to get training.

A blog on the internet revealed that Israeli intelligence has entered Indonesia. They do not move in large numbers, but it is very effective because some agents have received training through the spiritual tour packages. The existence of several local agents who have been trained having tasks to create some informants for Singapore-based Mossad. There are only about 2-3 Mossad agents in Indonesia, while their center communication and command remains in Singapore. The purpose of infiltration to obtain recognition and to find out the way to open official diplomatic relations. All facts that have been found indicates there have been strong and sustainable relationship between Indonesia and Israel without having diplomatic relationship.

“We have obtained an exclusive photograph of a suspected Israeli intelligence operative laughing it up with an Indonesian police officer on October 13, 2002, the morning after the deadly bombings of the night club district of Kuta in Bali at 11:05 pm on October 12…

On March 27, 2007, Wayne Madsen Report reported on the subject of the FBI’s interest in Jakarta-based correspondents:

“Our Indonesian and American sources report that there was a significant U.S. and Israeli military-intelligence connection to the October 12, 2002 bombings of the Sari Club in Bali, Indonesia.

“A DeHavilland Dash-7 aircraft registered in Queensland, Australia, landed at Denpasar Airport in Bali only hours before a massive explosion ripped through the Sari Club, killing over 200 people, many of them vaporized.

“Our sources claim that an Israeli military team arrived at Denpasar Hospital after the explosion and claimed four bodies of white men in uniform and flew them out of Bali on the Dash 7.

“The plane took off an hour after the explosion.

“Our sources have revealed the plane was permitted to pass through Singapore for an unknown destination.

“After the bombing and the plane’s departure, the tower logs were altered at Denpasar Airport to indicate the Dash 7 had not landed there.

“However, in a major oversight, the apron logs were not tampered with.

“Our sources have revealed the Dash 7 was Israeli-owned.
Indonesia has a very liberal form of Islam, although the Saudis, Mossad and the CIA are trying to promote the Islamists in Indonesia.

“Several victims of the Sari Club bombing at Kuta Beach had flash burns on their bodies – something common with people exposed to a nuclear blast.

“Our sources also have revealed that a CIA contract agent – an Indonesian national – was at Kuta Beach the day before the terrorist bombing.

“He is also known to have been involved in other terrorist attacks on behalf of the CIA since 1998.

“Our sources also indicate that the then-U.S. ambassador to Indonesia, Ralph Boyce, who is now posted as ambassador to Thailand, was fully aware of U.S. intelligence pre-knowledge of the terrorist bombing in Bali.

Boyce told the American managing editor of the Jakarta Post that it would be unhelpful if the paper pursued the U.S. angle in the Bali bombing.”
October 2002, that Indonesia’s military and business elites have very close ties to Israel and Mossad.

According to Aditjondro:

Indonesia, under Suharto, allowed Mossad to operate in Jakarta.

The Indonesian military have cooperated with Mossad.

This was confirmed by former security chief General Soemitro in his biography.

The Indonesian army special force Kopassus has been equipped with Israeli Uzi guns.

These Uzi machine guns were reportedly used in the massacre of hundreds of Muslim activists in Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, on September 12, 1984, as well as in the assassination of the West Papuan artist and freedom fighter, Arnold Ap, on April 26, 1984.

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Prominent Israeli journalist Zvi Jecheskeli, who went undercover as a devout Muslim, has revealed how easy it may be for Islamists to pass through Germany’s borders and become a “Syrian refugee.”

Jecheskeli spent several years risking his life to film a documentary on the role and influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the streets of Germany, France, Britain and Turkey. While the organization is legal in some countries and has affiliated political parties, its outlawed as a terrorist group in others, including Russia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Infiltrating the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood is a challenge indeed, as the group is “known for its distrust” of outsiders, whom they would “never” allow a glimpse into their plans, Jecheskeli told Die Welt.

His five-part series, entitled “False Identity,” recently began airing on Israeli Channel 10. The Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, kept close taps on Jecheskeli and wired him with secret cameras and microphones in order to rescue him in case of emergency.

The challenge was to find out whether a Muslim fundamentalist can legally enter Germany and make contacts with fellow Islamists. For his daredevil tour, with the help of acting and retired Mossad agents, he transformed into Sheikh Khaled Abu Salaam, aka Abu Hamsa.

“I wanted to talk about the dangers that Europe is exposed to by radical Islam. I am not bound by the codes of political correctness and can openly speak the truth,” Jecheskeli, Israel’s best-known expert on the Arab world, told Die Welt.

In his investigation, the 47-year-old journalist, who speaks perfect Arabic, shows how easy it is for the Islamists to smuggle followers to Europe, the newspaper reported. “All you need to get asylum in Germany is a Syrian passport.” And that proved to be as easy as pie.

After a tip-off from an intelligence officer, Jecheskeli first made contact with the Syrian community in Istanbul, where he quickly obtained a Syrian passport. The document is said to have cost him only $1,250 and looked “practically genuine.”

Just a few days later, the journalist found himself at a facility for Syrian refugees in Berlin. Jecheskeli said none of the refugees he met there had any intention of integrating.

The journalist is lucky: the social worker he meets is a Palestinian, who emigrated to Germany from Gaza in 1978. After a couple of jokes about Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Jecheskeli has all the necessary papers, is officially considered a refugee and entitled to social benefits.

“With Allah’s help, you are starting a new, Islamic life here,” the German social worker with Palestinian roots tells Jecheskeli while giving him advice on how to trick German authorities and bring his family to Europe.

“How do I bring my wife and children here?” Jecheskeli asks. “Actually, you have to wait three years,” the man replies. If that’s too long, “just take them across the sea now,” the social worker says, offering practical help with planning the illegal voyage.

According to Jecheskeli, Germany is in danger, but the journalist does not mean the threat of Islamist terrorism, according to Die Welt. “No one can really say what political Islam means to Europe,” Jecheskeli told the newspaper. In his documentary series, he recalls sermons of Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a long-standing member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Islam will once again dominate the West and Europe,” the Egyptian Islamic theologian promised.

More than a million migrants have entered Germany since the refugee crisis erupted in 2015, fueling strong anti-migrant sentiments and protests against German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door policy. In October of last year, Merkel’s CDU and its Bavarian CSU sister party agreed to cap Germany’s intake of asylum seekers at 200,000 a year.

Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said in December that local communities should be appropriately paid for taking in refugees to reduce social tensions, adding that Germany is becoming “a land of desire” like the US was in the 19th century.

An Iranian drone tried to penetrate the Beit Shean Valley.
The Israeli Air Force carried out an attack deep inside Syria – its results are not clear enough, according to foreign reports, an attack was carried out against:
 The 104th Brigade of the Syrian Republic Guard in the Eldridge area on the outskirts of Damascus, three batteries S-200,5 batteries SA-11, Iranian targets in the Damascus area.
During the return of the planes, a Syrian anti-aircraft system was activated that apparently hit the F16 and caused the pilots to abandon the area of ​​Mitzpe Adi, and the pilot and navigator were evacuated to Rambam for treatment.
IDF Spokesperson’s Office: This morning, an IDF pilot was seriously injured as a result of the emergency departure of an IAF plane. The soldier asks for medical treatment. The subject is being investigated and a message has been delivered to his family.
From the middle of the night and at moments when security assessments and consultations are being held in light of developments in the sector.
Apparently the system used against the IAF was s300.
About 25 antiaircraft missiles were fired in order to try to hit Israeli Air Force planes.
 The IDF Spokesperson: The Syrians used anti-aircraft fire, followed by sirens.
The storm plane was abandoned due to Syrian fire over Israel. Launching the UAV is an aggressive and subversive action by Iran against Israel, and the drone was shot down in the place we chose. We have his remains.
Launching the UAV is an aggressive and subversive action by Iran against Israel, and the drone was shot down in the place we chose.
In the past hour, three SA-5 and SA-17 Syrian batteries and four Iranian targets were attacked in Syrian territory. The Syrians reacted with flak and there were three to four hits in Israeli territory.
Israel is prepared to exact a heavy price from those who act against us. But we are not going to escalate.
One of the pilots drops after plane crash,,
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Pictures of the remnants of the Israeli plane,

Images of Iranian UAV,

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Dans la série d’attentats de Paris de 2015. Une poursuite pour le terroriste pardonné Abdulsalam a été arrêtée à Bruxelles.

Quelques jours plus tard, une attaque multirésidentielle à Bruxelles à l’aéroport

Léchant les blessures des importations massives de réfugiés et de papiers sans identité, dans les centres d’affaires bondés

Les saboteurs sautent dans d’étranges valises qui ne sont pas piégées.

Après l’attaque l’année dernière sur le marché de Noël de la ville et le récent cas explosif à Potsdam, qui a également été neutralisé

Dans cette capitale, qui marque aujourd’hui la disparition du mur de Berlin, cela ressemble à la préparation d’une nouvelle attaque

Ce qui viendrait des réfugiés à Berlin sans papiers.

Bruxelles: Suspect en 2015 Les attentats de Paris refusent de coopérer devant les tribunaux 5/2/18 P.1 en Court,

Brussels:Suspect in 2015 Paris attacks refuses to cooperate in court 5/2/18 Salah Abdeslam se niega a responder en su primer juicio: "No tengo miedo de usted. Tengo confianza en Alá"

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